Living in the House of Providence.


{Photo via Vintage Everyday}

{Photo via Vintage Everyday}

By Bryan Christopher Warne

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” ~ Christopher Reeve 

There is a bridge in between what is seen and what is imperceptible.

This bridge is always there, awaiting your call.

From a certain mindset, when attempting to envision something new or fit something newly created into our current perspective, it can sometimes seem that what has been created, or what is in the process of creation, is unlikely or impossible.

This mindset is one of limitation, smallness, and fear. A perspective that is based only on what has been known thus far to be possible — based on events that have been seen and experienced in the past.

This logic reigns supreme in the mind of someone who considers themselves a realist or a pragmatist. But, how many of these same individuals have also been visionaries?

Those people who saw in a way that the preceding rational thinkers did not are considered visionaries. But once their vision is created, it becomes commonplace, something that the rational and pragmatic folks never question again.

This changes nothing for the pragmatists, but in the visionary or visionary-in-training, this can lead to an understanding of the visionary’s true power.

There is a bridge between the infinite possibilities that are available and what can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched. These infinite potentials are available to everyone, if only they have the courage to see beyond what has already been created.

And these infinite potentials are acted upon, consciously or unconsciously, every moment of every day. The choice to see or acknowledge them resides within the being themselves. The bridge lives within each being.

What do you perceive as real or possible? Then, in your experience, it is so.

No more than what you believe to be possible will come into your experience. You shall not be shown anything that you do not wish to see.

So the question is: how far up The Mountain do you want to go?

When we realize the ability to courageously move, act or dance towards a specific vision, then we are living in the House of Providence.

And it is only then that we will witness and bring about miraculous things that others had once believed impossible.



BWBryan Christopher Warne finds his true vocation from being a writer, a director of film, and a registered nurse. He finds fulfillment and joy in communing with all types of people, hearing their perspectives regarding this journey and sharing his own. He believes that all people have something within them that is meant to be shared.


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