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Love – Elixir Vitae

{Photo via Pinterest}

{Photo via Pinterest}

By Timothy P. Bielec
I’ve studied a while now. By studying, I mean all kinds of various wisdom traditions… chi gung, Yoga, Taoism, meditation, ceremonial magick, sorcery, alchemy, integral theory, enochian, kung fu, etc.

I am a devoted career magician. But if I’m honest with myself (and I’m very good at honesty), the thing that has propelled me along The Way, since I was old enough to think for myself, is Love, and especially Falling in Love.

A Falling, when correctly understood, is cognate with the territory of Time; as a precious and particular Cascade of Events related to the Brightness and Shining of pure Fire, Divinity. It is the non-dual Way of the Trickster/Fool.

My first teacher told me once that I had a mission when I described to her the inescapable path of my life.

I loved her very deeply, and it was the first time that I witnessed how passionate heart love could be channeled into the growth of spiritual projects, healing others, growing your soul, and remembering.

She used to tell me, “You are the future.”

The translation of her name as an adept referred to an eastern concept of Mind. A higher and transcendent concept to be sure, but this concept of Mind had attributes that were of fire and flame, and passion, and was explicitly placed in the center of the fourth chakra, the heart.

Sapiosexuality is a word that has recently come into a sort of vogue and is generally equated with being turned on by cognitive intelligence.

However, the Latin root sapio, when related closely with sophia, refers to Wisdom; and the wise know that The Hermit carries the lamp, as the tip of the yod; fire of fire, the spirit and passion of the heart, where the true Divine Spark resides. The Soul. And this is how it is for me.

The growth of my soul is its foolish journey, Falling in Love; empty-headed and always assuring the joke is clearly on me. I have heard it said many times that to fall in True Love is something we should be lucky to experience, even once in a lifetime.

I have also heard it said many times that falling in love, infatuation and Limerence, is somehow a lesser spiritual process.

I can only conclude from my own experience that folk who declare that falling in love is somehow antithetical or counter to the spiritual mission betray only their soul’s longing for the experience.

To be clear, I have never understood how the psychedelic experience of Falling in Love is not renewed and reborn between lovers who truly possess it.

I feel deep empathy for lovers that fail the trials, and somehow cannot make it beyond their blockages into the rebirth… and I feel yet more deeply for the majority of the human souls on the planet that have given up on True Love.

Then again, the humor in the situation is that the karma cannot otherwise be undone, and this is a precise and technical aspect of Love under Will. I find great comfort in the knowledge that another lifetime is another chance; karma itself, when understood, is little more than a map of the inevitable.

You cannot just love everything with the kind of True Love here discussed, the true root of the sapiosexual, and the true expression of The Law of Love. There is a weak assumption in many spiritual circles that passionate, wild, entheogenic Love is somehow not real love.

They will lecture you (as if such a ridiculous construct as words could account for True Love) on Unconditional Love, a Love that is unbound by attachment, freely given, totally open, and without boundaries.

Unconditional Love is surely a Divine Power and is the birthright of all forms in the universe. Unconditional Love is given unconditionally, whether it is acknowledged or not. It is in everything as a backdrop to arising existence.

The very suggestion that something unconditional and unbounded can somehow be expressed or not-expressed is a performative contradiction. It betrays a duality that hides inside it the deep longing in the heart for the mighty draught of the sapiosexual elixir.

All forms, all beings, are given Unconditional Love as a prerequisite to their veritable manifestation. All Souls desire True Love, and True Love only exists under True Will, and is not given, nor is it won, freely.

Nothing hurts quite like living with such a reckless heart. I have been through my own psychology thoroughly, and remain completely aware of how my history on the planet has carved out my habit of such heart-seeking.

I am also fully in on the joke of my soul, which chose all of this from the beginning. No matter how many mystical, physical, transcendent, or any other kind of realizations that spiritual discipline has garnered in me, I really don’t care about any of it in the face of True Love, and Falling in Love.

Magick is really just the way I occupy myself in the off-time of foolish heart-adventuring.

Life is constantly surprising, and I adore surprises. It took me longer than it probably should have to realize that souls who follow this Way like me are extremely rare. It has been a process to accept the way I affect other human personalities around me.

I tend more towards a solitary path for this reason, and generally avoid any sort of ready-made systems of spiritual growth. I am allowed to be different, and Liberty is a precious thing.

{Photo via}

{Photo via}

The Bodhisattva swears an oath to put off her ultimate realization until all Souls in our Universe can be liberated. You see them out in the world, being Saints, creating sustainability and being gardeners and shepherds for Terra and her Human Tribe. Mine is the Way of the Arhat.

The Bodhisattva expresses perfection by becoming a force working for good within Nature. The Arhat expresses perfection by simply being a Force of Nature.

In the non-dual reality, there is of course no difference between these approaches, Neti-Neti, PurushaPrakriti, NuitHadit, IshtarShakti, etc. It is the arc of polarity between perfections which is the alchemical substance of value.

The more I grow my energy, the more my soul power comes through my physical body, the stranger things seem to get. But the mythic image of myself that comes to mind is of some wild man in a mud-wrestle. I get dirty, I get rowdy, in the mosh pit of True Mind, of Soul, of True Heart.

Really the only thing I do is follow my heart, wherever it leads me. Parts of me are scared shitless, anxious, and self-conscious much of the time, but I’ve learned to always move towards whatever is causing those feelings.

So, after close to 15 years of practice in Magick, I’ve made a lot of great Art and cultivated Power and Knowledge, Arcane Wisdoms and Trans-Dimensional Experiences, congressed with Angels and Embodied Demons, unlocked all the Gates of Understanding and have become proficient in straight-up Sorcery as a side-effect… and whatever else it is that we as Magicians find ourselves doing.

But what really grows my Soul, what truly awes me and bears me to witness the great Mystery of the Universe, is True Love.

And when it happens, when I Fall in Love again, and again, and again… I laugh out loud at the absurdity of the Divine, of my Soul, of the Great and impenetrable Mystery; and all the Arcane Arts in all the worlds reveal themselves as grown up toys for rowdy girls and boys.

When it is said that Love is the Law, Love Under Will, that is what True Love is; and that ecstasy of existence, the spark that brings life and the vivifying essence of Alchemy; which begins the transmutation of first matter to Gold and reveals the immortality of experience, and the continuity of the omnipresence is summed up fittingly when it is said that Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In these secrets are the formulae of the Elixir Vitae, one draught of which is said to spontaneously complete the transmutation, or compress its evolutionary leap into the space of months.

The Quest for the Grail as a suitable vessel for the Elixir Vitae is the occupation of many an ongoing operation in the Real World of Magick. Its formula is True Love.

Innocent Souls, Love one Another with Burning Hearts!


Timothy P. BielecTimothy P. Bielec is a Magickal Ninja, Producer, and Spiritual Explorer living in NYC. Engaging in Magick, Mysticism, Music, Martial Arts and other various Arcane and Wisdom Traditions. He is a devoted house husband who enjoys making merriment for his lady, travelling Terra’s garden, dancing, partying, and over-sharing on the internet. He also blogs on Magick.





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