Tune Up Your First Chakra.

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Chakra is the Sanskrit work for wheel, as in a wheel or vortex of energy. The chakra system of the body can be measured by electromagnetic patterns that they omit.

While you may not be able to see them — and some people most definitely can see them — they can be measured.

Listen to this GVK podcast to hear about each of our unique daily grounding rituals, and get a special toning. Your first chakra will literally be toned just by listening to the podcast!



The root chakra is your first chakra.

The element is Earth, the color is red. This energy center of the body sits at the base of the spine and is associated with grounding onto the Earth. When it’s open and spinning freely, a person will feel empowered with strength and vitality.

If the chakra has been closed or disrupted, a person may feel a great deal of fear and not trust the Divine Guidance all around them.

For me, grounding and being centered on the Earth used to be a deep challenge. I had a million ideas, profound amounts of energy and no way to focus it all. I was an intense bolt of lightning, striking every which way.

As I became more clear in my spiritual practice, I learned to ground my energy to the Earth which gave me a way to focus. Okay, so I’m still a bolt of lightening, but I can direct it now.

Now, when I center onto the Earth, I can feel her magnetic grid and life force melding with mine. The power that our Mother Earth emanates moving through my body reminds me of my physical sustenance.

I can call on that power whenever I need to focus my thoughts and intentions on a project or desire… or even while helping a friend through a challenging situation.

Create your own grounding ritual and see how it affects your day.

Use that ritual when you have to make a decision or start a new project and see how focused you become and how easily you can move toward your goal. Our Earth is our physical life force.

She’s more than something that we live on, she’s a living entity that we want to be in communion with and the first chakra is our doorway.





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