We Were Walkers. {poetry}



The fog marched in one night
on this dreamtime streamlined
oceanic California town.

It came in
like it had the express purpose
of teaching a distracted class of jitter-legged students
what the term

you and I walked in it,
thick and obtrusive as it was.

We let the sightless moisture
dew our lips
and dance
the downy hairs on our skin
until they were standing tall.

We walked
to meet whatever was on the other side.
We walked
because there was the ocean to walk to.
We walked
because we were walkers.



The town had already turned off;

closed its eyes
to let the day’s kaleidoscopic memory
flash about.

you and I walked
with our flashlight eyes turned on
towards the edge of the shore
where the fog
met the briny body of water
we loved so well.



There was a cutoff line in the sky
where the fog ended
and the rest of the night bled red.

We stood still,
and lulled by the play
of the waves chasing each other
and heated
by the electrical current of the fog coming in
and the change
it seemed to be bringing us.

We were walkers.


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Brittany Connors

Brittany Connors

Brittany Connors is an actress, writer, and general life enthusiast based out of NYC. She is a lover of story, text, and all of the various expressions we find to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. She believes all expression is a celebration of this breathtaking existence.
Brittany Connors