The Meaning.


{Image via Pinterest}

{Photo via Pinterest}

By Jose Prieto

We dance,

to and from,

the dark and the light.

We dance

like shadows,

trapped in a cave.

With one way –

to be in or out,

between love and power.

We dance,

lost in space,

without a cause,

without effect.

We dance to the sound

of our creators’ secrets.

To the pulse of the mysteries,

out of time and oblivious

to the guiding beat of that love.

We dance

to love,

to be,

to be loved.

We dance.

We love.

For soul.

For the meaning.

For soul is the meaning.

it’s the echo

of the silence.

It’s the echo

of our essence.

It’s the echo

in everything.

The echo

in every motion,

in every wave,

we dance.


filled with life,

ultimately indescribable,

and surrounded by life,

so quantum.

We dance

bathed in glory,

ignorantly wondrous,

blindly decorating,

a canvas of being,

in which you are,

and soul is the meaning.


Jose PrietoJose Prieto is a lover of all life and a believer of Soul’s unstoppable urge to create. As a child, he fell in love with the stars, the ocean, music, words, and with everything that cannot be explained or begs for exploration. All that, and more, led him to being a musician, to writing, teaching, composing, becoming a healer, and other things. When not nurturing his soul or those of others, he leans toward these obsessions: flying a kite with his daughter, photography, exercising, meditating, enjoying NYC, eating healthy foods, enjoying an occasional, filthy-dirty, vodka martini, and/or savoring the joys and perils of social media. He will have his first novel published later this year, and he will celebrate that raucously.



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