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Conversations with Love. {poetry}

When the coldness
takes hold of your heart,
and your voice seems
to be strangled
by the heaving heaviness
spreading through your veins…

The warmth
of your tears,
like acid,
burning your
eyes and cheeks,
folded knees
into your chest.
A mangled mess.

You plead and beg
with Love asking,
“Why have you left me?
Have I not done enough
to feel your presence?”

The painful
silence of abandon
leaves your ears bleeding,
shouting louder
and louder
for Love to come.
With the ever-growing silence
withering away,
more and more,
ready to be taken
by the darkness…
unable to fight
for cause of the light.

With your final gasps,
a staggering light appears.
As you step out
of your old withered self,
Love reaches out
its hand for you to hold.

You tightly hold your hands
behind your back.
Love asks, “Reluctance?
You have called on me,
and I am here.”

“… but you are late, Love,
I have already died,
look at me on the floor…”

Love smiles.
The warmth
fills your heart,
“I was right on time then.”

You shake your head,
staring dubiously back.

“Don’t you see?
To be the light
you were meant to shine,
your withered self had to be shed.”

Angrily, you hiss,
“But I had to do it alone!”
Love answers,
in a sweet melodic tone…

“If you had not done it alone,
you would never have realized
that you have enough of me
in your soul to endure
even the most
heavy of heartbreaks.”

And in that moment,
you understand that
you had only forgotten.
Love is mixed in
your blood.
You can wave goodbye,
finally understanding.


Kulthum Fataar is an old soul, moving through life trying to find balance. She is deeply passionate about social work and advocating for mental health, and considers this her main purpose in life. She also absolutely ravages anything related to human behavior and how the brain works, which remains an endless mystery. Lately, there has been a surge to reunite and rediscover her creative self through writing and poetry, and find inspiration in nature and love. She enjoys Italian food, deep soul-penetrating conversations, the forest, reading for hours, and enjoying her human experience.


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