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Finding Your Voice in Love and Money Can Save Your Life.


Beth Martens
This article is Part V of  a V-part series: Your Voice.
Being Connected is Not Optional

When you do your life’s work, you are fulfilling your contract with life.

This means you get to have the glory, the pleasure and the excitement of risking everything to make it so — fifth chakra style. Keeping your part of the contract with life is you contributing to the world exactly as you were meant to.

Why do we need to contribute to the world? We need to contribute because we are all deeply connected and are all ultimately having one experience. When we suffer, we all suffer. When we thrive and give back, then we all stand to thrive.

And as the Buddha taught, until everyone gets it, no one gets it.

Having a True Voice in Love and Money Can Save Your Life

Sex and money are surrounded by cultural taboos — and have huge emotional charges. Both are on the Top-5 list of why marriages don’t survive. If you can get past your fears and become comfortable with understanding how your value yourself in your relationships, they cease to have power over you and your love life.

When you strengthen your voice about money you recover aspects of yourself from the unconscious. You end up freeing up archetypal energy — spiritual and emotional energy which then becomes available for healing, fun and the sweet pleasures of a good life — just to name a few!

Why You Might Fail at Your Relationships

Relationships that fail to grow the soul do so because they get stay stuck in the paradigm of exchange, withholding, and giving only under certain conditions.

In these conditions they are governed by the fear of expressing authentically about what they have to offer — their passions, their affections, their attention and all their resources alike.

If you withhold parts of your self and your gifts from your business or clients, you risk failing in business too.

It’s Simple Enough: There is One Thing You Must Never Forget to Express

If there’s a healthy flow, what you create and express will change from year to year, from day-to-day and even from minute to minute.

However, no matter what your creative life purpose is — writing, rebelling, singing, liberating, dancing, building community, or building an empire where everyone thrives, just to name a few — if you are doing it with your authentic voice and being valued for it then you are using the voice of your soul.

Your soul’s voice, is the one that is aligned with the will of the Divine, the will of the greater good and the whole. By identifying our authentic voice through archetypes, we become able to clearly reveal the sculpture that is already in the wood. The artist has simply to carve away what is not the creation.

In the study of your personal archetypes, you already have a ready-made system for keeping your body, your heart and your mind in alignment with what you actually value — and for contributing your special gifts, skills and talents into and for the benefit of the human community.

Speak and ye shall be revealed.


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Why do I work with Femme-preneurs? Because They Tell Themselves What to Do!

Everyone benefits from the gift of clarity — especially when it comes to what they are meant to create.

I love investing my time in passionate, edgy, right-brained women entrepreneurs, particularly when they have a Rebelle flair. Because femme-preneurs are called to be extra courageous with their voice and take daily risks to be seen and heard, I am attracted to their immense vulnerability, beauty and potential for having a lot of impact. No one tells them what to do, they tell themselves.

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