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Where Are You? A Letter from the Girl Who Hasn’t Met You Yet.




Where are you?

Are you hiding? Are you lost? Did you take a wrong turn?

It seems we should have found each other by now.

Do you think about me when it’s late at night as you watch the ceiling fan spin round and round?

Where are you?

Sometimes I get angry that we’ve yet to meet. I wonder if you really even exist.

But this still small voice always whispers softly back,

It promises you’re out there somewhere and the only choice I have is to believe it.

I believe it with everything I have.

Sometimes I wonder what you’ll wear when I see you for the first time. I wonder if you’ll think I’m funny and I wonder if you’ll just know, the way I think I will.

I’ve rehearsed it a thousand times during sleepless nights without you next to me, but for some reason I think I’ll still be nervous. I wonder if you’ll be able to tell.

Where are you?

Are you busy changing the world the way you’ll someday change mine? Are you chasing dreams and spreading kindness and holding the door open for the little old lady at the store? I hope you know that I think everything you’re doing is wonderful.

I also hope you know that I hope you hurry up.

Where are you?

Are you staring out the window wondering where I am? I’m here. I’m waiting. I think I’m ready, but life sure has a funny way of working itself out.

I’m wishing on the same stars you’re looking at. I’m writing our fairy-tale in the same clouds you see overhead. Surrounded by identical blankets of sky, it’s a mystery we haven’t found each other yet.

Where are you?

Are you spending your nights in a stranger’s arms, searching desperately for something you’ll never find? Are you replaying your past like a broken cassette, reliving mistakes over and over in your mind? Let go, forgive yourself, please take the first step.

I promise to love you better than you’ve ever been loved,

Love, Me,
The girl who hasn’t met you yet.


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Macaile Hutt
Macaile Hutt believes the best perfume is Idaho mountain air, the deepest laugh often comes from the mouth of a child, and coffee is the answer no matter the question. She has had to learn the hard way that some words ache until they are said. Find your voice and let it be heard. Macaile would like you to join her on Facebook or her website, as you take your own heart and live this beautiful life in search of perfect moments in such a way that every moment becomes perfect.
Macaile Hutt