The Unnecessariness Of Words.

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There was so much I wanted to say, and yet, when the opportunity presented itself, there was nothing at all.

Everything collapses into the eternal abyss of this moment and it is that which I wish to share with you. It is there that I wish to meet you. I wish I could show you the way.

It is surely a great writer who can translate the indescribable into the descriptive, the experiential realm into the literary, and convey the mass of impermanent emotions into the perfect brilliance of this moment.

What can I say to you in this moment? How can I possibly show you? There is nothing between us but breath. Words seem so hopelessly inadequate to express that which we share, that what we are. Do you know me at all? You must, for I am you.

Whilst our outwardly expressions of existence may seem wildly different, we are not so different, you and I. Dwelling in all of the experiences across the entire spectrum of human emotion.

I want to hear how those experiences are for you and I want to share how they are for me but what good are our words if they do not take us beyond language?

What purpose does language serve if not to lay a path to the place where we really meet, where our souls entwine and share the eternal dance of life itself?

As long as we bastardize words, we use them carelessly, throwing around those all-powerful forces of nature into the creative ether of existence as if they were nothing.

When we sit however with the silence, when we can be with the void within; that is the place from which we can consciously create in word, in thought, in action and in absolute togetherness.

Walk with me then, along the frothy shores of our literary world, let me hear the roar of your expression, crashing upon the shore of our shared existence. Let me whisper the soft winds of my own experience across the sands of your presence.

And as we soak ourselves with one another, let us be taken, beyond this coastline and drown, into the void that we both know is us.

And if not a single word here has taken you beyond the realm of language, beyond the black electronic typeset on this white online page, beyond the linguistic understanding of your mind, then scrap it.

Eradicate it from the precious fertile soils of your subconscious and return to the beautiful nothingness of your own space.

I will meet you there.


Asha Patel
Asha Patel has traveled the world in search of her own heart, only to discover that it was right here all along, and that it demands chocolate for breakfast -- regularly. Asha’s corporate background in law and finance has always co-existed alongside her creative pursuits. As well as being engaged as a painter, photographer, food enthusiast and martial artist, she is passionate about people and the path of self-inquiry. As a writer, Asha is rarely to be found without a pen in her hand and has co-authored a novel called ‘Looking for the Obvious’, a unique publication of spiritual fiction that invites readers to embark on the inner journey to unveil the true creative force within.
Asha Patel
Asha Patel
Asha Patel