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Discover the Creative Power of Open Hips.


Photo via Pinterest

{Photo via Pinterest}

By Stefanie Honeder
The realm of imagination is so broad and our mind is such an inspiring playful tool, it can make us travel to the other side of the world in one second.

Daydreaming is one of the most beautiful tools we have as a human being.

Imagining worldwide peace, is something easy to consider and imagine, but is actually a long-term commitment and work toward realization.

If you are one of those creative types, who has millions of ideas and interests, it is hard sometimes to decide for one option and start with that.

Barbara Sher talks about the creative scanner type in Refuse to choose: Use All of Your Interest, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams. This type of personality shares so many fields of interests and comes out with new ideas all the time.

Having many ideas by being that kind of scanner and multitasking type is a good thing. Having a wide open mind and heart, many interests and a wide worldview, a good capacity to imagine and see others’ perspectives and actually dream about other realities, is an important human quality. Otherwise old structures that do not work anymore would have been the end for the human race, pretty often.

Evolution has always been connected to the human capacity of imagination — new creative sparks, inventions and projects.

Alright, here we are: Do the obstacles toward realization start to make you insecure?

The conclusion is that the idea was not that important and not meant to be. Sometimes we just lose the motivation and trust to give it a try again and to keep playing.

And then suddenly there comes a day when you remember the creative spark again and give it a try again. Surrounded with new people, finding yourself in new situations and new life experiences, you dare to give it a try again and work toward the realization of your dreams.

My Yoga teacher Katchie Ananda once said: “If your psoas muscle is free, you can live your dreams.

That is so true.

Our psoas muscle is the precious mysterious muscle that connects our upper and lower body. This muscle gets really tight, as we are sitting so much all the time, and all small or larger traumatic events are kind of stored in that muscle.

When we are in dangerous situations, we immediately protect and contract our body, which tightens that psoas muscle again.

If that muscle is not free, then our mind is not as free as it could be.

So, how do we release the psoas muscle?

A helpful practice that helped me to find extraordinary freedom in the psoas muscle is Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), which is also inspired by Yoga asanas as tools. TRE, which is founded by David Berceli, is a Yoga-inspired practice to release stress, tension and trauma through intentional tremors.

While literally shaking your psoas muscle in a few Yoga poses, you let go the held tension of likely post traumatic experiences. As soon as your psoas muscle is free from those past traumatic experiences, your upper and lower body can work in a whole new way and you can literally walk the path of your dreams. You can play and act with your originality and your unique voice and share your creative sparks with the world. TRE is supporting you to release, rebalance and renew; not only your body, but also your mind.

You can start to walk your path in a new-found freedom, follow your dreams, and realize your heART.

When I remember my mind during the time before I tried TRE, I was constantly doubting my will, path, thoughts and ideas. If you experience situations that keep reminding you about the traumatic experience of a small or larger event of your past, your mind will constantly connect those past feelings to a new situation.

David Berceli found that the body has its own capacity to heal and release tension and traumatic experiences with its own “tremor.” This is the so-called tuning fork of the body.

For realizing ideas, feeling safe with new connections, it is absolutely essential that our psoas muscle is free.

Otherwise our brain and mind are always questioning and doubting and feeling unsafe about our creative sparks.

As soon as this muscle is free, you can walk your path, create, share and stay full of trust and fortitude. You can literally send your energy and strength from the symbolic field for creativity — your hips into the earth and symbolic field of safety and stability aka feet.

So, if you are constantly facing doubts, fears and questioning your own ideas and dreams, go and try a TRE class.

Literally tremble.

Renew your mind. Allow yourself to take a new flow in your life and mind that is connected to freedom, trust and the feeling of being held.

Then practice Yoga with an emphasis on opening your precious hips. Connect the fluidity of your hips and your creative sparks into the ground by practicing standing and balancing poses.

These are possible poses to play with in your own creative practice.

Start with hip-opening poses and create space in your hips through Parsvakonasana, Trikonasana, Baddha Konasana, Janu Sirsasana, Baby Cradle, Agnistambhasana and Happy Baby Pose. Then travel to Tadasana, Tree Pose and other balancing standing poses, and add Warrior poses to connect to the strength of your legs and feet.

Bring your intention of realizing your ideas into your Yoga practice.

You can focus on your ideas and imagine sending your creativity down into your hips and into your feet — literally into the world. During the practice, your unconscious will work its own intelligence through your body and mind, and help you to figure out new steps to realize and manifest your ideas.

The next step might not be clear after the Yoga practice, but you will find and figure out new clarity and options during your day, or week, or month. Allow yourself to stay in the process of unfolding and realizing your heART’s projects.

During that process of realization, try to stay open and have a wide perspective. Stay open for all possible doors and options that could open in front of you with ease.

The wonderful thing about ideas and projects is that they are transforming through the process, so do not be too fixed on the outcomes of any idea and project, rather focus on the process and play.

With time, process and patience,  you will meet people who support you with your ideas. People who will inspire you and make you transform and realize your ideas. You will experience new places and new inspirations that will possibly transform your whole project into a new direction.

Allow yourself to be playful and open-minded. Through that, you will be surprised by outcomes and results that you could never expect or have ever imagined.

Stay trustful, patient and never doubt your ideas and creative sparks — no matter how big or small they seem.


Stefanie-HonederStefanie Honeder has moved from photography to writing since starting her Yoga practice. While being fascinated about the power of words and going on with her writing, she is teaching Yoga and committing her life to explore and study Yoga, creativity and art in all forms, so she can support others to grow and live their (creative) potential. She is based in Vienna meanwhile.


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