Romance Is Dead, Sorry to Tell You.


{Photo via Tumblr}

{Photo via Tumblr}

“Romance is dead, sorry to tell ya.”

Well, isn’t this tragic!

“Nowadays, people approach relationships, marriages… like a partnership, a start-up business…”

“I don’t see it that way… romance isn’t dead.”

“And it’s all a big charade; at the end of the day, you’re left weighing pros and cons as if you’re sweating in some used car lot… thinking ‘oh, this will do’…”

“Forget romance for a minute, because I totally disagree… but right now, in this moment, what does your gut tell you?”

He looked perplexed.

“Do you want to be with her or not?”

Shifting in his seat, he became uncomfortable.

“I don’t know if I can really answer that…”

Damn… sitting silent, I thought adamantly and wanted to say, “You both deserve better,” but it wasn’t my place to condemn — really, who could? I simply nodded and took note of the human condition.

This life.

The way things are… a conglomeration of too much time spent thinking… waiting… and wallowing in what we know, how we feel, and all the pieces of our heart we can’t manage to reconcile because of pride… all the emotions we’ve tried to hide, the sentiments we want to share, but find easier to keep bottled inside.

And the baggage, the weights around our neck… some of us carry like jewels, others like chains.

It’s nothing new, just something to ponder every now and again… to touch base with this heart I keep closely guarded, the optimism I find in romance, and the curiosity of conversations like this — what can I take from here? Or should I just let it be?

“Heavy as it may sound… I don’t believe the balance is ever equal… and trying to seek that perfectly reciprocal partnership is setting yourself up for a big letdown.”

“I know that, but come on… I’ve done so much for her… she can’t meet me half way?”

“Screw ‘half way’…. wouldn’t you go ‘all the way’ for her?”

He looked at me like I was some kind of masochist… how dare I suggest he submit it all in the name of love!

How wretchedly romantic.

But I meant it… with every fiber of my being.

More than the fear of losing ourselves in romantic pursuits, I think we are most frightened of what we might actually find beyond the walls of our beautiful imprisoning minds.

To be on the outside, heart in hand… looking in we might learn more about ourselves than we ever wanted to know… what a terrifying and potentially incredible discovery.

What an adventure.

Are you content to find balance in your relationships? Because the cold truth is that we all use one another… and the unequivocal balance is giving your love to someone who doesn’t use you all up — still having enough left over for yourself.

Finding someone with whom giving your love away to doesn’t feel like you’ve created a void.

We’re so scared to let our gauge near empty though… so afraid I don’t think many people dare to try… never even getting close.

No, romance isn’t dead… his romance was just running scared.

Thankfully, love is bold.

Never to be paralyzed by fear, love will move.

Love unearths truth… it finds a way.

Love frees hearts.

So, if you believe in love… romance is never that far away.




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