12 Writers You Need To Follow On Instagram.


Contrary to popular belief, Instagram is not just about cat photos, selfies,and reminders of what people ate for dinner.

It’s an interactive library, a buzzing network of creativity, and there are many talented writers who use Instagram as a beautiful means of self-expression, transforming the medium into a veritable smorgasbord of inspiration, profundity, and awesome.

On Instagram, words warm, typewriters are the new black, and poets are the new rocks stars. You just need to know where to look.

Here are a few of my favorites to help start your search.


1. Tyler Knott Gregson (@tylerknott) Quite simply, Tyler is one of the best around. He writes daily haikus about love, runs a wedding photography business, and spits sensitivity in every sentence. This dude walks the walk.*Read Tyler’s interview with Rebelle Society here.


2. Marissa Crane (@marisa_crane) Marisa is rough and raw, passionate and powerful. She drinks whiskey, loves profanity, and isn’t afraid of sharing her shining darkness with the world. Indeed, she revels in it, decorating her asylum with smoky painful hues and dusty photos of memories yet to be made.


3. Amanda Torroni (@amandatorroni) Amanda has a unique way with words and her voice is unlike the rest. She’s got a flair for creating wonderful imagery that bites, leaving soft teeth marks on your soul. Whimsical yet powerful, deep and divine, you know a Torroni piece when you read it.


4. Janne Robinson (@jannetaise). This girl is straight up straight talk. Her no nonsense take on reality, the world, and life is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant wilderness. A regular contributor to a few popular websites, she writes wonderful, thought-provoking articles about society, culture, and the human condition. A personal favorite of mine, she once wrote a poem called Sex and Wine for Breakfast.


5. Christopher Poindexter (@christopherpoindexter) Chris is a rough and raw 20-something who seeks to understand the world by devouring himself inside of it. He drinks too much, smokes too often, and feels too deeply, but this is a good thing for him, his art, and us. His reflections are always pure, brutally honest, and often humbling. His future is as bright as his passion is dark.


6. Andréa Balt (@creativerehab) She’s an inspiring phenomenon, a sensitive healer, and an unwavering revolutionary all jam-packed into an amazing and adorable soul. Her inquisitive and insatiable desire to experience the world is compelling and she documents her quest with regular photographs and musings about creativity, wellness, and everything else a human can possibly ponder. She is one of the most exceptional and extraordinary people I know.


7. Liv Armelle (@livlately) Liv is a boss. She’s bold and fearless and honest and real. She writes of regret and your eyes grow wide. She speaks about love and your heart skips a beat. She’s good. She’s really, really good.


8. Charles Bukowski (@bukowskipoems) The original master, he was the raw wisdom at the bottom of the bottle, a dark purveyor of beautiful honesty no matter the cost, no matter the matter. A genius and inspiration to many, Bukowski is always worth the read.


9. Robert Drake (@rmdrk) There’s a reason he has 800,000+ followers. He’s consistently good, producing thoughtful and insightful pieces about life and the world around us. He makes me think.


10. Ashley Brooke Thomas (@ashleybrookethomas) I only discovered her this week, but I like her. She’s soft yet rough around the edges, insightful and somewhat introverted. I’m curious to see where she takes herself next.


11. Silvi Alcivar (@thepoetrystore) Silvi is different from the others on this list because she’s not a writer. She’s a poet, a living breathing poet who oozes elegance. To be specific, she’s a freelance mercenary who works weddings, parties, birthdays, and everything and everywhere else. She takes her typewriter, sets up a little scene, and writes poems, right then and there on the spot. She is wildly talented, exceptionally insightful, and someone I am dying to buy a drink.


12. Jeremy Goldberg (@longdistancelovebombs) Sorry, I couldn’t resist a bit of shameless self-promotion. I write about life and love and the links between us all, and I want to make kindness cool and the world better than yesterday. I also enjoy using bad words for good.


Who did I miss?

Who is a writer that I absolutely have to follow, someone I need to include in a follow up article?


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