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The Season of Freedom.


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{Photo via Pinterest}

By Cheyane Reisner

Once I sold sex for money.

I made money off the minds of the men

who were trapped in the confines

that they constructed within their minds.

Hyper masculinity.

Tainted perceptions of femininity.

But what does it truly mean to be free?

Even birds fly south for the winter.

It is snowing out.

The grays reflect the witch hair I envy.

As my dreams beckon and call,

I remember it all.

Burned at the stake

for a choice that was never a mistake.

Do you hear the mermaids

singing about the wild feminine?

And so I gave my body

to the men who mistook it for my mind,

my spirit, my heart.

The sirens guided me towards the light.

Angel took my hand and whispered secrets to me,

begging me to trust and love her.

I knew what I was doing was important.

Mermaid and I laughed together

at the men who said they wanted me

but didn’t know they could never possess

what was innately free.

While we both came in the end,

lying in that hotel bed.

The birds return for the spring.


And they all judged and told me

I was a whore and a slut,

desperate and pathetic,

but I knew because Mermaid reminded me.

This was so important.

And Mary Magdalene visited me,

guiding me, crying out.

His money bought us our freedom.

It is not the shell that it is important.

Oh dear child, don’t let go of the spirit.

The shell will fade with the tides,

the spirit is forever,

the spirit is free in the summer.

Sex as empty as the pockets of men

who think they can contain femininity.

They only receive sex.


One stick of bubble gum for a quarter,

it’s that simple.

You can make money off the minds

that are forever trapped in these confines

benefit from the oppression

and patriarchal notions

Gain power.


Fall into the arms of the goddesses,

the leaves are dying

but I am gaining strength

Mermaid on my arm told me

this was beautiful, not broken.

Sex for money.

Give me your money,

you hyper-masculine men.

Give it to me so that I can be free.

And maybe someday, you will be too.


CheyaneReisnerCheyane Reisner is a feminist and animal rights activist. She studies the interrelation of gender and government and believes in the power of words and language as medicinal healing for the earth and the skies. You can find her on Facebook.


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