I Love You — I Want You To Know That.

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By Laney Oden

I love you.

I want you to know that.

I want you to know,

even if you can’t see me right now.

Even if my eyes seem to be searching

for a better understanding at the moment.

Thousands of miles apart

the distance may dampen on our view.

Know that I love you.

I didn’t know

I was going to love you.

I didn’t know that I was capable

of such a remarkable feeling.

I do know that love should be automatic,

that there should never be a question.

But maybe the question

was all the people that led me to you.

You are my answer.

When I am out in the sun,

I feel his radiation,

a warm delicate kiss.

I hope you feel what I am talking about and

I hope that in some way he reflects my radiation,

and it ends up landing on you.

I love you.

I love you for your eyes,

how they shimmer in the light.

I love you for your soul

and how it has such a strong yearning

attached to mine.

I love you for your beautiful heart.

I love you for your flaws,

they make you so completely

imperfect for me.

I love you.

You are the waters of my ocean.

You are my calm and my storm.

You are the cool crash in my waves

as they gently hit the shore.

You are my fresh fallen winter snow,

laying untouched and perfect.

You are my breath

each and every time I wake up.

I know that we never bargained for this.

I also know that at times it’s going to get tough,

but through it all,

I will always love you.

The currents might be strong,

the waters may be hard to tread,

but my love,

for you,

my love will never end.

I love you like the stars adore their universe,

loving and shining brightest

through  darkest midnight hours.

I love you like the water loves the fall,

streaming from the highest elevations

to land in grace,

a spring full of purified water.

I love you like the glimmer

loves the lake at dawn,

as the moonlight hits.

I love your laugh.

The eternal echoes in my ears.

I love your little ways,

each and every one of them.

I love your life

and how richly it has blessed me.

No matter what happens,

how many miles,

how many burned out stars,

how many broken hearts or bridges,

no matter how high

the mountain climb,

no matter how deep the water

I long to love you more.


Laney OdenLaney lives in the heart of Ohio, not by blood and hardly by choice. She believes that iced tea is the cure for just about everything. She’s got a gypsy soul and she was born to run. She feels the most when she is falling in love, in the ocean, or in the sun. She doesn’t take life too seriously because no one seems to get out alive. She thinks she is funny, and you can catch her laughing at herself all the time.


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