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The Authentic Courage We Use Everyday In Order To Live A Full Life.


“I learned that courage is not the absence of fear but, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not the one who does not feel afraid but who conquers that fear.” ~ N. Mandela

When we think about courage, we often think of the soldier in battle or about other people doing extraordinary things.

The reality is that each of us is a warrior and we must use courage everyday to live a full life. We need courage to do what needs to be done in every moment to be our authentic self; to say what we really think and not what we think others want to hear.

We need courage to go in a direction we have never gone before. For each of us, our lives are a reflection of our choices, and what makes each extraordinary is all the courageous choices we have made even when we were scared or had no guarantee of the outcome.

As warriors, we need this reminder to fuel our courage going forward, face life ahead, and make it magical and extraordinary.

Often, we let our fears stop up from fully enjoying life and taking the actions that will bring us joy. Many times, these fears are not found and we need to act with courage to confront them. Sometimes, we are afraid of the unknown and we stay in our current situation even though we are not happy.

It takes courage to let go and move towards the unknown.

With experience, we learn that often what lies ahead in a new and unknown direction is much better than our current known situation.

We also need courage to allow ourselves to dream big. When we are children, we have many dreams, but as we grow up, the dreams are abandoned and we become reluctant to dream big because we are afraid of disappointment.

But we cannot forget that what is imagined today is exactly what we will realize so we need to have the courage to dream big to create an extraordinary life.

History is full of leaders who realized the unimaginable.

Mandela realized peace in South Africa after years of Apartheid and spending 24 years in prison on Robbin Island.

Gandhi realized the independence of India after so many years of English control for taking a stand for his fellow Indian people and was willing to do whatever required for peace.

Richard Branson built the Virgin empire from nothing by his boldness and willingness to pursue all his wonderful and creative ideas for new business ventures.

Steve Jobs came back to Apple after being kicked out of his own company to realize one of the biggest business turnarounds by launching products that have changed people’s lives.

All these great leaders were willing to dream big and follow-up on their dreams.

We all have inside us the ability to realize extraordinary things, but to do so, we must first have the courage to dream and imagine an extraordinary life.

One big act of courage in our lives is to allow ourselves to be truly authentic. As Victor Frankl said, we are all unique and each has a special mission in life, only realized if we honor our authentic self:

“Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Thus everyone’s task is as unique as is his opportunity to implement it.”



Stephane Leblanc is based in Montreal where is loves the beautiful summers and survives the cold winters. He is a transformational leader in business where he leads with passion while caring immensely for his people. He loves to get lost in the clouds as he flies his small plane and also to connect with soul as he practices Yoga.


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