28 Questions I Wish The World Would Answer.

What if we lived in a world where women sought a perfect muse instead of bought pretty shoes, a world where hugs replaced handshakes, and hearts were worn in our eyes not just our chests? What would be different?

What if suffering was a sign of strength, not weakness, and what if we helped more than we hurt? What if respect was given, not earned, and what if pain was appreciated, not avoided? Would we smile more?

What if we lived in a world where schoolkids took field trips, every day exploring the great, wide world with wonder and glee and what if they needed permission slips to sit inside a room eight hours a day being lectured about numbers and verbs? Would they thrive?

Would we?

What if we craved knowledge as much as we prioritized prestige, and what if we paid teachers what they rightfully deserved? What if fame was frowned upon, and anonymity was something to achieve instead of somewhere to avoid? Would we recognize each other?

Who would we be?

What if the celebrities we worshiped were not photo-shopped strangers, but our own friends and family? What if we knew as much about our older sisters as we did about the newest singers, and what if we cared about our brothers like we did about some actors?

Would we be happier?

What if we lived in a world that valued real doctors instead of fake ones on TV, and what if we idolized real people doing real things, real souls changing real lives, instead of the forgeries paid to play pretend all day long? What if popularity meant nothing?

What if authenticity was everything?

What if we rewarded kindness instead of singing, compassion instead of acting, and generosity instead of sport? What if our heroes spread fulfillment instead of entertainment, dedication not distraction, and what if we didn’t need a reason to cry?

What if our taxes funded organic vegetable creations instead of foreign military invasions, and what if we spent our money on books and games instead of guns and planes? What if profit was a measure of purpose, not sales, and what if revenue reflected the good we did not the goods we sold? Would things change?

Would that world work?

What if we gave the stars overhead the same attention as the screens in our hand?

What if our dreams mattered more?

What if we knew that we were enough?

What if we lived in a world where you were me and I was you, and, most importantly, what if we do?


Long Distance Love Bombs
Jeremy Goldberg (Long Distance Love Bombs) is trying to make kindness cool and the world better than it was yesterday. He's also a kindhearted marine biologist with a punk rock spirit and an urge to live the shit out of his life. You could join him on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. You can also send him some love via email or sign up for his newsletter.
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