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Deep Into Me.


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By Eve Mitchell

Deep into me, deeper you keep going,

how much can I take, how far will I let you go.

I keep thinking it must end, this can’t be happening.

It is so surreal, your eyes they penetrate me,

your words are like machetes,

cutting through the ancient forests of my bullshit,

 my wounds, ripping through all the games

that I have played.

We have known each other before,

it must have been, we have walked this earth

before dancing this tango, we two,

maybe last time it was me bending you,

twisting you, seeing just how far I can take your body,

how close we can dance with lady death,

and how open I could rip you.

I love myself in your eyes,

it is how I imagine the Divine must see me.

I can feel her coming through you, beckoning me home.

Wrapped in your arms

I feel the invisible cloak caressing my shoulders.

You excite me, you terrify me,

you ground me and uproot me,

all in a choreographed dance

that is mesmerizing to behold.

I watch you as you embark on your quest,

your mission in hand,

and I know you have the fire inside

to bring it to completion.

You remind me of the yearning,

the yearning to be split open,

to dance naked in the corridor.

I remember the wonder that is me,

and I behold the gift that is you.

Laid bare on the table, spread wide,

I give birth to humanity,

I scream as the pressure of life seizes me,

the fire burns me, the weight crushes me,

and just as I think I will give in,

let go, give up the fight, I submit, I surrender,

I let life have its way with me,

do as it will and push through me.

Emerging forth covered in blood and secretions,

I behold the new life screaming for attention,

demanding to be heard,

and focused on changing everything

you thought you knew in an instant.

Welcome, Love, I invite you in.

Welcome to the cycle,

Life, Death and Rebirth.


Eve MitchellEve Mitchell is a Hypnotherapist, Writer, Poet and Artist of multiple genres. She is passionate about healing the earth, empowering all people, and restoring connection, joy and respect to how we live our lives. She lives in Northern California, raising her two teenage sons to trust their own inner wisdom, while honoring diversity, being active allies for marginalized groups, whether it be people, animals or the earth we live upon. You can check out her website here.


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