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You Can’t Hide That From Me.


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By My Secret Innuendo

You are an enigma.

This is about you.

and the secret

you keep behind your eyes.

It’s unreal to me

that you could be there for me.

I see your smile

when you look at me

from the place inside you

that is for me,

in the moments

when we are touching

or even speaking

as if it’s not happening

when it’s what I want the most

to be cherished by you.

You can’t hide that from me.

It’s not unreal.

When you come to me,

I see you with a sixth sense.

You have words but are silent.

I can hear you with your eyes,

blue and clear,

staring into me.

Just a tilt of your head

as you hide behind your glass halfway,

is enough for me to see

all of it.

My breath is gentle

as you come closer,

seconds taking minutes.

We are in slow motion

and I want that to last.

I want to continue

to see your heart beating.

You are more real to me than most things.

I want you in a precious way.

A world is formed

without speaking,

not desperate,

or touched with broken hearts.

I don’t know what time it is

and it doesn’t matter

how long we are here.

I can hear you,

behind your face that cringes

with the power of the world

on your shoulders,

against us.

I look into your eyes.

I want to know

the secret of you

but you won’t tell me.

So I find it

through days or weeks,

through many words and senses.

I can hear you still

even in your fingertips

that lightly brush against me.

You want me in a precious way.

I believe in your conviction

to your heart

to your trust

and you won’t lie to me.

I find it through the pauses

between sentences, unwritten,

or smiles that you can’t hold back,

and lips that know me.

I want to sit next to you

and hold your hand

and know you are near.

I want to take care of you,

your emotions, your world,

as if I am holding your hand

to help you think.

I don’t want you to ask me questions,

because you already know the answers.

I know you are near,

even when you aren’t.

We already have many questions

with responses

throbbing inside of us.

I want to take you home with me

and get tangled in memories, in us.


innuendoAvid writer and lover of music all of her life, My Secret Innuendo tries to make sense of the world through poetic musings. She’s always creating as words flow through her, for no reason at all. She’s a copywriter at her company R.E.L. Copywriting, and the author of Behind the eyes of a writer™. She’s a candidate for a Master of Arts degree in Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, with concentration in the cohesion of the psychology of the mind and the physiology of the body. She’s also a Yoga teacher, practicing Hatha Yoga since 1996. Her poems through My Secret Innuendo™ have been featured in poetry groups and received awards.


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