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Bring Your All To Me.



“Bring me your suffering.

The rattle roar of broken bones.

Bring me the riot in your heart,

Angry, wild and raw.

Bring it all.

I am not afraid of the dark.”

~ Mia Hollow

Bring me your overbearing troubles.

Bring me your intense heartache, your powerful grief, your overwhelming sadness and your heavy sorrow. Stack these dense and tortuous burdens in one great, big ugly pile.

Bring me your terrified cries, those small and painful tears that leak from your eyes and the big, cascading torrential downpours of despondency. I will collect them all for you.

I will hold this wild ocean of sadness for you, and I will protect you from the huge and terrifying waves of sorrow and distress that pummel you down to the murky depths of the dark and haunting ocean floor.

I will be your aid and help you swim, when you are not able to, I will carry you when this rising sea of incredible pain becomes too much for you.

Bring me the fallen, soft and bruised petals of your tender heart that lay on the wet grass of heartache. Soaked with bitter tears of heavy regret, I want to gather these aching petals for you. I want to show you the beautiful flower that once grew inside your gentle heart.

I want to reveal that these petals didn’t all fall because of things you did, it wasn’t all your fault that these bruised petals left the center of the flower. Sometimes, it was simply their time to go, other times, it was a combination of many things breaking away and falling apart that weren’t in your control.

Bring me your striking, magical and special dreams, small, tentative, shy and hidden as they are at the moment, and I will turn my head and listen to these precious dreams.

I will cradle these valuable treasures carefully in my arms, and with as much love as a mother holding her newborn baby in her arms, I will nurture them. I will be patient, as I know it takes great effort for you to articulate your dreams and wishes for your life.

I will not laugh; I will support these dreams and do anything I possibly can to help them on their way. Bring me your dreams and I will help you make the first few steps closer to the far away horizon of possibilities.

When you are lost in the thick woods of despair, of loneliness and the overgrown forest of heartache, when you have fallen and lost your way, and when the black clouds of worry blow over and threaten to destroy you, I will bring these beautiful and tender dreams to you.

I will show you they still exist, and I will walk with you unwearyingly, each small step of the way, back to the path where you can journey on once more.

Bring me your fragile hope, bring me those tiny, joyful rays of warm sunlight that filter their way through the dark, grey clouds of the overwhelming heavy sky of your life. Bring me these small shards of hope, which push their way through the thick gloom and darkness.

I will hold this precious hope for you. I will protect these tiny sparkles of light from the lurking shadows. I will clasp this hope for you, close to my chest, and I will hug it tightly, I will keep it safe and allow it to shine softly in your life.

I will spread this radiant light into the dark and frightening crevices of despair and darkness. I will keep it warm for you, and show it to you when you can’t find it. When you scramble and flail about blindly in the blackness of the night, I will take your hand gently and lead you back to this graceful light.

Bring me your enormous guilt, let it all out, unburden yourself from this heavy weight you carry on your tired and aching shoulders. Let the huge chunks fall away and smash onto the hard concrete. I will take them away for you. I will unmask the deceptions and tricks guilt is using.

I will expose its awful lies, its deceit and its ugly and awful nature. I will no longer allow it to shriek its accusations at you that you are not good enough, that you deserve suffering and pain. I will no longer allow it to pull you down.

Bring me your beautiful words, big cursive scrawls of hope, bring me your interesting stories, your letters, your notes scribbled on bits of scrunched white paper. I want to read them all. I want to collect the narratives of your life, I want your words to ring out and be heard.

I want these stories you tell to be collected into chapters. I will cut and paste your words together. Bring me your exquisite, tender melodies and I will sing these to you, gentle lullabies, when you have lost your voice.

I will hum these achingly warm and compassionate phrases to you when the tears stream down your flushed cheeks. Bring me your dissonant melodies and I will show you how these tense suspensions resolve and how the cadences of sadness will eventually modulate to a brighter, major key.

Bring me your memories, bring all of them to me. Show me those beautiful and tender memories of the special people in your life who are no longer with you, and scrape away those hideous and tragic memories you also have from the walls of your heart.

I even want you to bring me those dark and depressing memories that hide and wait, lurking in the deepest, darkest corners, that come out at night, that haunt you during the day, that chase you mercilessly and pin you down. Bring these all to me and I will listen to you.

I will show you the love in even the most tragic and desperate of memories.

Bring me your love, bring me that amazing part of you. Take off that thick shield of protection and let that love out. Bring me your powerful love, bring me your bright light, and bring me your beautiful smiles and joy.

Bring me your happiness, small and fragmented as it is most of the time, bring it to me. I will plant these seeds of joy in your heart and I will help you cultivate these seedlings, these tiny and fragile saplings, with love and care every day, and we can watch as these flowers grow bigger and stronger.

I will help you tend to these flowers, and I will help you create more until there is a garden overflowing with contentment in your heart. I will help you pick out the weeds of guilt and defeat those that try to strangle these elegant and beautiful flowers of love.

Bring me your compassion. I will show you just how exquisite and enormous this bundle you hold is. I will show you where to find it when you feel it is missing, I will show you the way.

Bring me your kindness and your beautiful sentiments. I will hold a mirror up to you to reflect your stunning beauty back to you. I will hover a magnifying glass over your feelings to reveal to you the depths and intricacies of your compassion and care.

Bring me the broken pieces of your past failed relationships. Bring me your frustration, your anger and your sorrow about these relationships. I will nurse these for you. Bring me your troublesome worries and your haunting loneliness. I will soothe their sharp and fractured edges.

Bring me those parts of you that hurt the most and I will place my gentle hands on top of these areas and help you heal.

Bring me your gaping wounds of hurt and of failure and I will help mend your terrible pain, I will wrap bandages of love and humanity that will turn these deep and nasty gashes into scars.

Bring me your exhaustion and fatigue, when it all feels too much and you want to give up, bring me your aching and overstretched muscles of grief, bring me your weariness. Bring me your failures and your disappointment and your shame.

Bring me your broken body. I will massage those tough places with my tenderness, I will help you place your pieces together again. I will quieten the fury inside and I will help bring you back to health.

Bring me your nightmares. Bring those horrible and frightening images to me. Bring me that devastating reel of film that plays over and over in your mind, a kaleidoscope of intense drama that wakes you abruptly from your light sleep, heart racing, and tears flowing down your face.

Bring me those huge fears and I will take them far away. I will collect those hot tears that fall. I will show you that these nightmares are not real, and I will drain the power they have over you. I will keep you safe from these anguished thoughts that play out in your mind as you sleep.

Bring me your life, bring all the distinctive and varied sections to me. I will show you how these different parts connect together to form the intricate puzzle of your life.

I will show you how these pieces align themselves in a beautiful and exquisite pattern that creates the unique and truly wonderful and special mosaic of your life.

I am not afraid.

Bring me everything.

Bring it all.




{Bring You To Me}


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