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Get Over It.

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It was ten years ago,

get over it.

Words that hit me like a dagger,

and make my insides just want to jump out.

Pain that is real,

wounds that are unhealed,

but talking about them

is dampening the mood.

People just want to forget,

move on to the fairy tale.

If we just smile enough,

maybe they will go away.

Those people in pain,

who you trigger with your words,

let’s not talk about it,

for God’s sake.

Let’s just talk about

the new car, job or game.

Maybe if we buy some more toys,

that will help.

Or start a new project,

decorate that room,

or take a vacation to Maui instead.

Anything to numb out,

to forget the pain and hurt.

Not to mention that disconnect we feel,

judging others as so separate,

we are nothing like them.

They created their own mess,

let them take care of themselves,

there is nothing we can do,

it is just a lost cause.

They shoot and steal and fight,

we would never do such things.

Let’s go back to our pampered life.

But remember how you got this land,

lots of guns, terror and theft.

When your good fortune comes

from who you know,

remember the privilege that you have.

For we judge those harshest

who possess that which we hate about ourselves

So every time you grimace and scowl

in disgust at the thief robbing the liquor store,

remember that is only money

and once upon a time it was people

that were stolen.

I know that no one living here today ever owned a slave,

or forced people to walk the trail of tears.

We didn’t create this injustice, pain and fear,

but we have a choice whether or not to buy into it,

and perpetuate the terror.

We can choose to heal ourselves

and those shadows we have disowned.

Remember that we have all emotions,

ways and moods,

there is no separation.

We are all a diverse whole.

Every time I judge another,

look down from up on high,

all I really see down there

is a part of me I left behind.

All this hate, prejudice and fear

comes from a place of self-disgust.

Once upon a time,

you were whole, complete and free.

Someone came along

and told you that a part of you was wrong.

Maybe they said you were lazy,

stupid or vain, and from the tone in their voice

or the coldness of their glare

you decided that wasn’t a way to be.

So you closed it up,

spent years and years making sure

you were never that again.

Yet life had a way of helping you out,

constantly sending you people

that were just that way.

You hated them,

they made your skin crawl,

you wished and prayed

all those types of people

would just go away.

But they kept coming,

one after the other,

and the harder you tried to stop it,

the more they came.

My dear child,

those people aren’t your enemies,

they are God’s gift don’t you see.

They were sent to you to remind

you of the wholeness of your being.

There is no they,

there is no we,

for we are all connected,

sent to teach each other

forgiveness and unity.

Every time you judge another,

take a moment and look in the mirror.

Remember they are just a reflection of you,

and every way of being has a gift,

a place in life.

Being lazy gifts us with rest,

and being vain reminds us

that we are all from divine blood.

If you don’t know where to start,

how to heal yourself,

just pray and open your arms,

God’s grace will do the rest.

That is the beauty of life,

we keep running around

trying to figure it all out.

All we need to do is get quiet,

and tell God we need some help.

God is there inside of you,

the great spirit, the mother goddess.

She’ll show you how,

lead you step by step,

all you have to do is just open up.

Tell your ego to take a break,

have a vacation free of charge.

Ask the spirit deep within

to remind you of the truth.

Who you are, where you’re from,

and the truth about everyone else.

We all come here with a gift,

with a mission on this earth,

some are light, others dark.

You can’t learn to forgive

if you have never been hurt.

You can’t appreciate love

unless you have seen hate.

Every person in your life is a gift,

some obvious, some in disguise.

They are here to teach you the lessons

you need, and lead you to your destiny.

Find yourself,

and always remember

you are right

where you need to be.


Eve MitchellEve Mitchell is a Hypnotherapist, Writer, Poet and Artist of multiple genres. She is passionate about healing the earth, empowering all people, and restoring connection, joy and respect to how we live our lives. She lives in Northern California, raising her two teenage sons to trust their own inner wisdom, while honoring diversity, being active allies for marginalized groups, whether it be people, animals or the earth we live upon. You can check out her website here.


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