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I’m An Open Book & It’s Not My Problem If That Turns You Off.

“Your problem is that you’re an open book.”

He once said this to me as if it were a bad thing, a terrible thing.

I begged to differ by stating that being an open book was a great thing — needless to say, he is no longer a character in my book.

And I still believe it is a great thing, although many see it as a sign of weakness or desperation. After all, don’t they say that women should be mysterious?

“Play the game!” “Keep people wanting more.”

And my response to that is that there will always be more, because every page brings new experiences and I am constantly changing.

Yes, I am an open book. If you meet me, you will see that I will share everything with you. I will trust you with my stories and my life. You ask, I will divulge. Why play a game? I’ve never understood it and I never will. From the moment you meet me, you will know the genuine me.

I am honest, open and direct. There is no wondering who I am because I will bare it all.

It is not my problem that you may be turned off by this open book. It is not my problem that I am not mysterious enough for you. It is my problem if I lie to you and pretend that I am not who I am.

Let’s take a moment to analyze a book — and no, I don’t mean a Kindle or iPad e-book, but a printed one.

Maybe this book has a leather-bound cover, tough around the edges, brown and rough but with a smooth body; maybe it has a hard cover, made to protect the fragile pages inside it; or maybe it has a soft cover, but a cover that still serves to protect its pages (although, after much use, the cover will be bent or torn and the pages may suffer a bit).

But if it is a book you cherish, the cover may be worn out from reading it over and over, yet the pages will be intact because you can’t imagine not having your beloved book to read anymore.

The first time you open this book, which you have either received as a gift, procured through word-of-mouth recommendation, or just because you liked the cover or theme, you get to meet the characters and be subjected to their world.

When you meet me, you will learn about the characters in my life and myself as the protagonist. You will be introduced to my world. You will learn this right away. This is the setup to my story.

I won’t lie and pretend I am someone I am not, because as of right now, this is not a thriller, a mystery nor a horror story. This is a drama with a lot of comedy sprinkled on top of it.

As you progress, chapter through chapter, you begin to partake in the hero’s journey. Each page develops a world, a psyche, a mood and a personality; a view into this hero’s life, intentions and journey.

As my character, me, develops in your eyes, you will learn of me. You will know what I am all about. Rather, you will already know me, but the further you get, the more you will realize that the core of me — the me you met several pages ago — is the same.

As the chapters progress, things will change as the path of life travels through me. Of course, there will be back-story as I lived a long time before you met me.

At one point, you will reach the present moment, and after having known my past, you will join me in the rest of the pages, until you finish this book — either because you no longer want to read the book or because the book has ended.

I can’t guarantee that my story will hold your attention until the end, but I can guarantee that you will never be left wondering what happened if you read it all the way to the end.

This, to me, is an open book. And I welcome you to take a read if you are interested.

I just ask that you protect my pages as they are tough but honest and fragile inside a soft cover that does not want to be re-covered with a tough leather binding.

Of course, if you want horror, thriller or mystery, you will get some of that here, but I do hope you will find more inspiration, comedy and romance.



wp-content-uploads-2014-10-dianaromeroDiana Romero is a dreamer, filmmaker, writer, romantic and a compassionate artist. She strives to find the love and happiness in every situation, finding the glass half-full rather than half-empty. Her inspirations are her dreams and those working to achieve their dreams. Diana has won awards for her films and her scripts. As a person with Multiple Sclerosis, Diana’s wish is to show everyone that if you love what you do, nothing can stop you from doing it. You can contact her via her website or Twitter.


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