Release The Grasp That Fear Makes You Hold.

I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting on outside circumstances to change.

On someone, or some thing, to see my predicament and come to my rescue by tipping the scales in my favor. There’s always been a need for some outside force.

Of course, through this, I became an avid pray-er, always asking for things to change, and so desperate for it to occur in an instant.

Everybody asks — beggars and royals alike — they just have different techniques, a different air about it. One comes from fear, a dire sense of lack, and time chasing desperation. The other is formed on pillows of clouds, of knowing, of trust, of faith, and self-assurance.

There’s a scripture that talks about a window of heaven, where blessings are poured out in such measure that it’s beyond containment. I wanted that. I begged for that. I twisted and churned by belly for it.

I also really didn’t quite grasp the mechanics of asking, of the energy exchange in wailing from a place of self-pity. Not to deny the beauty of the tender vulnerability, but to recognize it as a self-made vacuum, a no-win void, a sad creation and faulty identity.

To ask from this place was to return to sender every pathetic feeling I was claiming as my own, as me.

It matters. How, you ask? It tips the scales, or leaves you hanging.

When you ask, you always receive.

What makes a beggar is vision and vibration. What makes a royal, same thing.

Where you give your breath, your focus of creation, is who you birth yourself to be. What you feed yourself is your claim, on the regular.

Are you Love? Or are you Fear?

It’s up to you.

Consider how life is reflecting our creator status. Technology is literally feeding us back our own frequency all the time. Google watches you, takes all your requests and offers more of the same. Music, movies, searches; what you seek is literally seeking you.

Everything comes back with multiplied similars. We’re doing this online and offline.

We are literally a perpetual prayer.

We’re continually sending requests, in all sorts of directions, consciously, unconsciously, through verbal expressions, energies and vibrations. We ask. We receive. And in receiving, we see who we believe ourselves to be.

Open windows of heaven are symphonies of light, infiltrating and expanding consciousness. They are experiences of enlightenment beyond cerebral considerations: You know that you know that you know…

… who you are.

They come when you dare. Whenever you release the grasp that fear makes you hold — the clenching, the frantic, the constriction, the pain. Wherever you let go of the tight, the smallness of you, light floods in and fills those parts.

It’s a blessing beyond containment as awareness explodes inside. Knowing replaces needing.

Grasping for nothing, realizing and receiving everything, lets you become heaven, nirvana, bursting with rays so bright it turns beggars into royals in an instant.


JulieASergelJulie A. Sergel was born a curious soul, raised by the wind and held by the moon. She loves both city and country, prefers adventure and otherworldly companions, and knows her heartbeat to be held by IAmCitizenJane, a lifestyle brand, philosophy and movement, whose sole purpose is to inspire women to enjoy and explore themselves and the worlds in which they are found.


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