Love Of A Different Kind. {poetry}

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She calmed the voices in his mind,

The ones that made his head tilt.

He eased her manic thoughts,

The ones that made her head spin.

Their lives intertwined.

Their demons danced together.

Never did they waiver about one thing,

their love.

They fell on hard times.

So damn hard that to the rest of us

it would simply be unbearable.

To them it was life,

it was existence.

Homeless, they parked their rusty car.

They trekked deep into the woods.

She was a tough cookie,

but he would light the way,

protecting her.

Huddled by the fire,

they shared their dreams.

Her depression.

His paranoia.

weaving through their dreams

like slithering snakes.

He would alternate between

watching her sleep

and peering into the darkness.

His thoughts turned dark

as he fought the voices creeping in.

Days passed, nights went by,

each relentless.

In the struggles they presented.

Her moods swung.

His voices rambled.

They clung to one another

and hung their hopes on love.


She found herself flipping burgers

for cars full of people

who had no idea she shivered

under the stars at night.

He waited for her each day,

parked in parking lots,

people watching.

Thinking thoughts

he could barely fight off,

counting the minutes

for her to return

to save him.

They rented a small apartment.

Almost every penny she made

built the walls to surround them.

One day they’d get married.

She held on to their dreams.

He was falling.

Slipping into the darkness

of his own mind.

No help in sight.


He loved her

but he was falling.

His final few breaths,

whispered deep sounds

of the love of a different kind.

Round pink pills and

oval white.

He stopped counting

at two hundred

and let


She came into the room.

She screamed.

She begged.

She fell to his pieces.

Family arrived.

Hugging and crying,

they whispered love

of a different kind.


wp-content-uploads-2014-12-vanessajasekVanessa Jasek is a wife and mother of four kids. She is a student pursuing a Liberal Arts Degree after a long career in Human Resources. Vanessa is now an author who is following a new path in life, a brilliant path of words, mysteries that unravel as each new word appears on the screen. She loves to read. She loves her two bulldogs. Life is good.


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