Finding Goddess At The Root.



“The goddess has never been lost. It is just that some of us have forgotten how to find her.” ~ Patricia Monaghan

You know with every ounce of your being when you have experienced a dark night of the soul. You come through changed, and the change happens at the core of your being.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I experienced immense transformation. While amazed at the changes of my body and the process of creation that gave me my children, nothing could have prepared me for the other unexpected changes that were happening.

At the same time as bringing my first child home from the hospital, I was also bringing home a pelvic health condition.

I remember being in constant pain and discomfort. As I mourned the loss of my old body that allowed me to walk, run and function with ease, I began the process of learning to live in a body that was falling apart.

To cope, I tried each day to forget my sacral landscape by escaping it to live in my head resulting in a feeling of disconnectedness.

After a year of struggling and lacking any definitive answers as to how to improve my condition, I surrendered to my dark night of the soul. I cried at the loss of what I thought was my last chance at a cure and for the woman I once was.

What I discovered was the Goddess waiting in the dark to show me my light.

Sometimes we don’t get the healing we want; we get the healing we need.

The veil became thinner that night. In the purging of my tears, there was the essence of a divine tradeoff — an inner knowingness where everything seemed to make sense.

I suddenly understood that my journey with a pelvic health condition was the only way I could have come to know true beauty and the innate wisdom of women and myself.

I had yearned for a cure, and through the alchemy of my darkest night I was presented with a spiritual remedy. I remember my words whispered through the tears, “Please take the pain away and leave me as I was before. I feel so lost.”

The irony was that I had been lost to myself for many years. I had left her behind such a long time ago.

As I surrendered the loss of my old self, I uncovered the whispers of my ancient soul. I realized that I had been called to the root of my body in a right of passage to understand the divine feminine. Once I surrendered to the brokenness of my physical core, I reclaimed my spiritual center.

“The root of the female body is precious. In the root, we can access our feminine intuition, this inner direction for our creative lives and for connecting our lives to spirit.” ~ Tami Lynn Kent

At the sacral root of my body is where I met my inner goddess. We are one and the same. I knew in that moment that the power to heal lied within the sacred space of my sacral root.

The Goddess and Healer is who I met in the dark — the spirit of all women, and she lives in the constitution of my divinely feminine body and soul.


Keira Wetherup BrownKeira Wetherup Brown is a writer, wellness coach, and mother of two daughters. A Masters of Counselling and Psychology student, Keira’s life work is to empower women on their journey to transform, heal, and remember their soul’s purpose. She integrates mindfulness into her coaching practice using a narrative approach to help her clients uncover their inner wisdom. Steeped in the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, Keira passionately advocates for pelvic health awareness. You can find her creatively exploring all things magical on The Gossamer Path and sharing pelvic floor knowledge on Sacral Healing.


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