Go Big Or Go Home.


{Photo via Wikimedia Commons}

{Photo via Wikimedia Commons}

“I don’t want to get too excited about it.”

“Why not?”

“It’s just the beginning… I don’t know yet.”

“This is the fun juicy bit! If you can’t be excited about this — the thought of love — what’s there to be excited about anymore?”

She glowed at the word love and couldn’t hold her smile down for one moment longer.

Why are we so intent on muting ourselves?

The term playing down is commonly used in the sporting world… when a team unintentionally meets the expectation of the environment set by the less than mediocre challenger.

Not excelling to our greatest potential, but instead allowing the opposition to control our moves, our momentum… diminishing our magnitude.

Maybe it’s a stretch to compare… but the world doesn’t want to see your love.

The world wants you to play it safe

tone it down

rein it in

be cool

Where are all my romantics? Just at home? Playin’ it cool?

Now, I know what you’re thinking… you don’t wanna come across too eager, that’s lame and a total awkward buzz-kill for a lot of early relationships… ya know, during that time when we’re all supposed to be super game-y and aloof.

So. Stupid.

If you love someone, be yourself, be clear.

And if your partner doesn’t find your enthusiasm endearing or exciting… maybe it’s best you find out sooner than later.

Because either they’ll reciprocate, say No, thank you, or maybe they’ll be unsure and intimidated… at which point any anything could happen, but at least you spoke your heart.

“Why does it bother you when I say you’re my girlfriend? What are you afraid of?”

Oh crap… so we’re gonna do this… right here in the hallway?

“I dunno… I’m just scared… I guess?”

“Do you even want to be in a relationship?”

(insert extremely awkward pause right here)

Ummmmmm… do I?

It’s funny, right? Sometimes when we get exactly what we think we want, it can be downright terrifying. And although I’ll maintain that the conversation came on way too fast, I’m still thankful.

He was living life with wild romantic abandon… and while reaping the benefit… I was just playing it cool.

Way too cool.

It was a make or break decision… in that moment, how did I really feel? He was laying all his cards on the table, whether or not I was ready for it…

Instead of answering directly, I kissed him… the standard female sorcery to get out of any uncomfortable situation… because in my heart, I knew I had already answered the question.

Yes, I want a relationship… just-maybe-probably not with him.

Mystery solved… and although some unconformable conversations had to follow, I felt peace wash over it all.

It’s an incredible adventure to stand on the edge of discomfort when it comes to love — whether I’m the one being called into the center ring or professing my love like a fool out on the line… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And maybe this cruel world doesn’t want to hear it… but it’s what we could use a whole lot more of…

Go big or go home.




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