This Is How I Pray.

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Oh love, manifest in physical form

that we may dance the expression

of freedom together.

Oh love, encircle my waist with hands

that know me as know my own body.

Distorted understanding of desire

has lead me to many barren wells,

trusting not my heart to lead the way.

Oh love, fulfill desire flowing in me

as distortion fades away.

Oh love, I feel the resonance

of your spirit mirroring my own.

I call you in for my heart is ready

for the journey we share together,

for the expression of love life asks us to create.

I open my energy to receive you in

and trust you will appear.

I trust my heart to know you.

I trust my heart to see you.

I trust my heart as it aligns

more fully with flow.

Create in me patience.

Create in my heart

a solid sense of discernment,

knowing between loving all

and knowing this being

in front of me as all love,

all focus, all one with me

in this current form.

I have longed for you

in the arms of every lover.

I have shackled myself in lust,

attempting to replace

the all-consuming fire of your mouth.

I have made myself a slave,

not believing in your existence

as a creative force in my life.

I leave those who I have wanted

this love with and found lacking.

I inhabit this desire with the fullness of my being.

I call forth expression of this force of nature in physical form,

rocking in time with my body

in the ecstasy of pure sensual expression.

I feel this expression in every fiber

knitting matter into this form.

I call you in with the force of a wave

pulling a whale across the ocean.

I call you in as me, the mirror showing me

the resonance of my soul.

I stand alone, feeling the fullness

of your entrance into my field of energy,

my presence that embraces you

before our forms mingle.

And should I never meet you in this form,

may my desire burn strong,

burn through illusion and burn through

inertia in my life.

I know I can live alone.

I know you can live alone.

Live beside me in solitude

and share the silence of our souls.



Myra-NicksMyra Nicks writes to process life. Writing is a tool to focus her energies and a request for creative thoughts to inform and move her. Writing helps her sit with what is, listening to the message unconditionally as best as she can, accepting how she’s been impacted by life, by so many perspectives. And as life processes through her, an undoing occurs. Suddenly there is freedom to see what is right in front of her. You could visit her website here.



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