She Is. {poetry}

The conscious woman

is one with all the textures

that make her who she is.

Woven into the fabric of her being,

an exquisite tapestry

of vibrant colors and tones,

threaded together,

for all to witness.


She doesn’t conceal

any aspect of herself.

She fully embraces and embodies

all that is held within her.


She is the container

that is infused with sundry of frequencies.

Each one absolutely integral

to the composition of who she is,

and they vary in essence.

Rich and lush,

velvety smooth to the touch,

bold and rough,

a sharpness that could cut,

blazing hot and burning

from the inside out ,

delicate and soft,

to be caressed and held.


She is all of it.


all of it.


She holds her inner child close,

her being imbued

with innocence and wonder.


She channels her inner sage,

ancient and wise,

her prolific intuition

alive inside.


She celebrates the wild seductress

that boils beneath her skin.

An untamed flame ignited,

burning, hot, on the cusp of explosion.


She honors her Divine Feminine,

for her grace, her supple essence,

mother’s soothing spirit

beaming through her.


She is all of it.


All of it.


She needs no boundaries,

no walls to protect her heart.

She is open, trusting and free.


She bows to her temple

that walks this earth,

worshiping her every

square inch of flesh and bones,

muscles and ligaments,

tissues and cells,

the hills and valleys

of her form.


She is present in every moment,

connected to her breath,

the pulse of her beating heart,

the energy rushing through her body.

She is here —

grounded, solid,

while ever changing and in flow.


She is all of it.


All of it.


She doesn’t need approval or validation.

She doesn’t yearn to be seen.

She has no attachments.

She is whole within herself.


And she leaves her trail

of impact everywhere she goes —

changing her surroundings,

transforming realities,

bringing all into alignment.


She is the truth.


And you cannot help

but become exposed in her presence.

A force so potent,

you can feel her coming.

A being so fearless,

nothing can stop her.

A heart so tender,

born to love you.

A soul so true,

committed to her mission.

You cannot hide from her.


For she will always see you.

Even when you can’t see yourself.



JessicaWinterstern-300x202Jessica Winterstern, B.Sc., M.Ed., M.A., stands for Truth. Through her guidance, she helps women and men reconnect to their source of power within, compassionately, yet fiercely reflecting back to them the Love they have been yearning for and worthy of since the moment they were born. She has been on an intense journey herself, breaking free from an upbringing that placed heavy emphasis on the external, and rooting herself firmly in the knowing, feeling, and living of her Truth. Creating a safe space for women and men to step into, she invites her clients to ‘stand in the center of the fire’ with her and not turn away, burning away all that stands between them and their Truth, so they can emerge as the breathtaking expressions of Love they are meant to be and, in fact, have been all along. You could contact Jessica via her website, Instagram, Facebook or email.


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