Old Soul Recognition and Why We Need Them.


Bear with me here while I muster up a reasonable definition of an old soul because it can cover a broad spectrum.

There is a distinct way to describe that person who can completely blow our socks off with their wisdom and knowledge, and they might be all of 15 years old; someone who we feel has traveled their way around the world and back, yet never leaving their own backyard; a person who can rattle off words with nary a flinch of fear, and leave us kind of quaking in our boots with what they just uttered; that special human who, no matter what, gives us a million more reasons to think about our existence on this planet and what makes us all so connected and special. This is an old soul.

They have been around the block more than a few times. An old soul has integrity and a spirit so deep that it incites emotions we thought we never possessed, yet it rises up and out of us when they are near.

Their soul is worn and wise and full of pockets of inner-knowing. It’s not as if they need to recall stories from way back when or even lecture us on where they have been and what they have done; it’s so much more than that.

The confinement of their being is good enough to stir up wells of emotions and imagination, and further our quest for wanting to know more. Young or old, ragged or fresh, an old soul gets it.

They have street smarts, rebellious ways, lots of emotional baggage that cleaned itself up over time, perhaps engaged in some alternative and dangerous things over the years, maybe even grew up in an environment that supported the very nature of wild, and who have certainly traversed the world, either in their dreams, past lives, or present moments.

Often when the world is busying itself with too much of the outside influences of television and other unnatural means of living, an old soul is knee-deep in their own imagination of possibilities and real-life stuff. They are possessed with learning more and being more.

Old souls have big hearts, big lives, and the most humble of nature. Their very presence might make us feel as though our mind would be better off submerged in an all-night library, studying ancient novels of wise men and women who preceded them, brushing up on our best Parisian influences.

But always somehow, having a conversation with an old soul gives us the wherewithal of hope and faith in human intelligence that has spanned years prior to their birth. Most can run circles around us with their depth, and I know, for one, that surrounding myself with these people brings out the best in me.

Having an old soul friend or two in our lives can elevate us on all levels of maturity and understanding.

This does not mean they are spurting out Hemingway or Kerouac on a moment-by-moment basis, but their intellect and truth might give us the impetus to pull an all-night rendezvous in our local bookstore just to keep up with what they are saying and doing.

On any given day, and no matter the age, an old soul has something to say in a discreet way that might leave us reeling with thoughts of Where did they come from?

Whether it is their musical selections, the poems they recite, the books they read, the people in their inner circle, a human with a conditioned and past-lived essence has an emotional and intellectual intensity that surpasses any catchphrase or newly-formed meme.

They are the embodiment of grace and vitality, and here is why we need them:

1. Gratitude. Every old soul has a wealth of appreciation ready to spring forth for any act or deed directed their way. They never shy away from feeling gratitude every single day, and when they express it, you get the sense that they know a mighty bit more than we could ever fathom.

The humble manner in which they respect all the things in their environment and the many (or few) people who make up their inner sphere, one can’t help but want to listen closely to how they live in such gratitude.

2. The lone wolf. Many old souls isolate themselves by nature. The world can be too much of a demanding and busy place for their minds and hearts to rise. When they do find themselves in the public eye, they are typically shy and introverted and only speak when spoken to.

They have a big voice to match their big hearts, yet it is only their soul that speaks volumes about who they are. There is no need for grand gestures in the public forum, as they are most comfortable behind the scenes while doing the diligence in work and play.

But when they do speak, look out. You might feel as though you are part of a historical novel or conscious scientific experiment.

3. Spirituality. Every old soul has an understanding of the spiritual realm that does not always involve a discussion. They just ooze with enlightenment. They are balanced, content, and are always finding ways to better the world. They never lay claim to being a spiritual person, as they know better.

Their recognition comes when you feel uplifted just by being around them.

4. Travelers/Adventurers. These cherished people have a difficult time staying put. Whether two weeks, three months, maybe a year, their experiences in life and love are furthered by their ability to get up and go whenever they feel the mood strike.

It is through their engaging in life that they further their knowledge and honesty about who they are and the purpose of their being. They are not necessarily interested in a vacation, per se, but time spent in places where they can soak in the blood and guts of the city, countryside or island.

They do it quietly, and they do it well.

There are some especially well-versed old souls in my world, and many are about 20 or so years younger than me. Those who are older have lived a good life, and continually share their wit and wisdom with timing and sensitivity.

However, the younger set can turn my thinking and feeling into many pauses, deep breaths, maybe some raised eyebrows, plenty of goosebumps, and definitely welcomed revelations of romance and candor. All of them teach me something. All of them accelerate my own vibration.

Every last one of them is still part of my existence. They have a distinction that separates them from the rest of the pack. It’s not some New Age persona, but rather a time-honored and clever sense that they have been here before. Old souls are simply sages who have an extraordinary inner sophistication.

They just get it and we need them.


Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen is an author, storyteller, and freelance writer. She is a curious soul of all things meaningful, healthy and heart-centered. When not out and about adventuring in nature, or tending to her work with 8 Paws Wellness, she is probably relaxing with her pup, Scout. She is also a contributing writer for Be You Media Group, MeetMindful, and The Tattooed Buddha. Her work has also been featured in elephant journal and Light Workers World. Her books, Ripple Effects and A Big Piece of Driftwood, are available on Amazon.com.
Gerry Ellen