Creation Did Not Birth You To Pay Your Bills And Die.


It is your responsibility to recognize your own song; to hear your calling, and answer.

A fulfilling life is a soul-led life. If you want to flourish, then you must surrender to Destiny. You must let yourself be forged. Your true self is Divine, and when it is embodied, miracles will be found.

Creation did not birth you to pay your bills and die. You are here to fulfill a crucial need in a time of enormous suffering. You are here to make a difference, not complain that you wish things were different, and you have been given secret superpowers to help you help the world at large.

Remember, and you will find light your tidy desk on fire, march into the world and do your holy work. If you but knew why you exist, you would do it all joyfully, with direction and with purpose.

It is one thing to know that terrible things happen every day. It is another thing for it to emerge from deep within you: to discover you are complicit to that which you claim to condemn, and further, the harm your allowing has caused you.

That is why we are so afraid to confront our own inner wailing, the screams echoing through the deepest caverns in our secret inner vaults. It is not only your own screaming. It is not only your own wailing in there.

It is the anguished cries of mothers holding dead children blown up while walking to school because somewhere on the other side of the planet, it takes an insane amount of fossil fuels to run the cars necessary for the most privileged serfs in the world to get to work, to labor for the debts of housing, education, and other supplies.

It is not only your secret self that screams. It is the screaming of the young woman who is kept strapped to a bed in a white room when all she ever needed was for someone to love her, to hold her, to see her truly. She is there because we will not bare compassionate witness to her anguish.

She is not there to get well; she is there for your comfort. Can you live with that?

When you track down your own terror, you will find the terror of women who may not speak aloud, without risking their life, their dignity, their body. You will find children married to full-grown men, raped nightly.

You will find the echoes of war running through a blood-stained riverbed in there.

Unity consciousness is not some bippy new (c)age pie-in-the-sky idea. If you have been to the seventh circle in your own secret hell condition, you would see irrefutable evidence that what happens to other people fucking matters.

It affects you, your children, your consciousness, your life purpose and whether you will fulfill it, or simply turn to dust, swept away by a the breeze of a fast-moving world that wants you to labor and die, quietly and broken.

You cannot have it both ways, you see.

As disgruntled as you may be, selling your whole life by the hour or the year, making someone else wealthy, what is underneath that is the subtle sense that you have been dis-attuned, that you’ve been duped, tricked, trapped, and you might not make it: you might not accomplish what your soul has come to give the world.

Your soul may never become realized, fully embodied. You might not discover what it is to be heaven on feet, miracles in your pockets.

And what a travesty that would be. What an enormous loss for us all.  Do you not know that you are here as the answer to a prayer so secret that only the heart can speak its language? Do you not know that all the world has waited for you to show up in all your glory, in all your mighty grace?

You are a holy gift: unique and supremely wild, lush, and bursting with the fruits of Eden.

It is time to go forth and do the work you are made for.




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Alison Nappi

Alison Nappi

Alison Nappi is the creator of The Wildness Deck; she is a writer, a creative consultant, and spiritual teacher coaching Wild Women back to the arts of creation and embodiment through ceremony, creativity, and oracular feats of wildness and wonder. When she splits off from the pack, you may find Alison howling at the moon through a thick canopy of trees, singing songs with trumpeting daffodils, or dancing her embodied prayers around a campfire, mud in her hair. Like Alison on Facebook or send an email to be added to her mailing list.
Alison Nappi