Chapters. {poetry}

Tomboy turned natural beauty,

long red and black hair

pulled back in a messy bun.

Clothes being folded,

make-up being sorted,

21 years of this and that

being packed

into a mere two suitcases.

I am close by

trying not to hover.

Dabbing my eyes

that refuse to stay dry.

Coming up with this and that

for you to take

on your journey.

Each time you glance

in my direction,

I feel my eyes well up.

You tell me, ever so softly,

“It’s ok to cry, Momma,

I’m gonna cry too,”

you say.

I am overcome with memories.

Octobers filled with

Pink Power Rangers, Pikachus,

and zombie cheerleaders.

Weighing bags of candy

collected in pillowcases.

Decembers filled with magic,

barbies and doll houses

gave way to cosmetics,

and clothes.

Your eyes always bright

with anticipation,

full of excitement,

no matter your age.

Teen years filled

with scattered emotions.

Hair in shades or reds,

pinks, and blues.

The year of the platinum blonde.

Your first heartbreak,

a friend who stabbed you

in the back.

Tears flowed from

your blue eyes.

As I promised,

you would heal,

and you did.

I watch you now,

my ears assaulted

by the silent


of digital clocks.

Time moving

at break-neck speeds,

bringing us closer

to a new chapter

in our lives.

Where you wake

yourself in the mornings,

Make your own

grilled cheese with pickles,

and where you decide

when you will

call me to tell me

of your adventures.

I catch glimpses

of your face as you

flutter about,

putting the finishing touches

on what is to be your past,

your childhood,

your life before

what your future brings.

It’s time to say our goodbyes.

For now, not forever.

Both of us,

tears flowing freely

hugging so tight,

I know when I let go

it is to set you free.

To write those chapters.

Love and life

forge ahead.



wp-content-uploads-2014-12-vanessajasekVanessa Jasek is a wife and mother of four kids.  She is a student pursuing a Liberal Arts Degree after a long career in Human Resources. Vanessa is now an author that is following a new path in life, a brilliant path of words, mysteries that unravel as each new word appears on the screen.  She loves to read.  She loves her two bulldogs.  Life is good.


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