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4 Awesome Things Healthy People Do Before Work.



“Becoming the type of person you want to become — someone who lives by a stronger standard, someone who believes in themselves, someone who can be counted on by the people that matter to them — is about the daily process you follow and not the ultimate product you achieve.”

James Clear, Transform Your Habits

It’s Thursday! If you’re keeping track of such things…

Want to know the secret to succeeding at every single thing that you do? It’s optimal health and well-being!! Hey, don’t tune out yet, it’s easier and more interesting than you think…

You eat, drink, breath and move every single day of your life.

So, doing these things with a bit more mindfulness and making choices that are truly healthy isn’t really adding anything to your daily routine. It’s just refining!

This is the easy part!!

Where it gets interesting…

I truly believe that health is synonymous with success.

Think about it. When you start to show up as the best possible version of you, healthy, fit and glowing on the inside, are you not more confident and feeling more sexy, beautiful, happy, creative and playful?

Not hiding yourself in any way because you feed good in your own body removes a ton of the bullshit that plagues our minds and bodies that keep us from thriving, from showing up, from giving and receiving love… from living fully.

Taking awesome care says:



And everyone around you will feel it and want a piece of it. But don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.

So what are the 7 things healthy people do before work?

Here goes:


1. They get out of bed early. Thirty minutes, maybe an hour maybe two hours before the regularly scheduled alarm clock. And what do they do in this time? Yoga, exercise, run, write, create, meditate or relax.

How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of your 24 hours. Getting out of bed early used to be a super challenge for me. I’m a night owl by nature, but when I started to get more intentional about the inner work I was doing and wanted to keep discovering, my early mornings have become a haven for self-care, grounding and setting the theme for the rest of my day.


2. They eat breakfast! I used to never ever eat breakfast. My first drink of the day used to be a half litre of water then an even bigger cup of caffeine. I wouldn’t eat til lunch. That was almost 15 hours of fasting! I have no idea how I did it. Perhaps it was my youth, but when I really sit to think about the negative effects it had on me, I wonder…what the hell was I thinking?

My brain would be cloudy all morning. I’d drink more tea or coffee. I’d be cranky every for hours, and when lunch time’s shadow started to appear, I’d become intense and ridiculously impatient! I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else. It really channeled the control freak in me as well. I had to know my lunch where, when and with who every morning. I’d literally count down the minutes. It was horrible. I’d then inhale my lunch, too hungry to savor anything, and I’d feel super lethargic afterwards.

So let me tell you. Breakfast can change your life. Choose something healthy and light and just see what happens. If you don’t think you’re a breakfast person per say, try it for a week and see what happens.


3. They reflect on their schedule with ease. My to-do list used to dictate my life! And it was a fierce, nasty little bugger. So for a year, I stopped creating lists all together. I stopped using my kitty cat calendar that my grandma got for a buck at her bank, stashed the post-its and did away with my endless notebooks full of do, do and more do.

This retrained my mind to keep focus on only the essentials. It wasn’t easy at first and I’d forget some small things, but it created an advantage I did not expect…

I became the one in control and I learned to separate the nice-to-dos from the must-dos. It was awesome and it feels so good. Now when I check out what I have in store for the day, I soften into it. I’m the driver behind the wheel. Not that damn list.


4. They give thanks! This life is so precious. Can you feel it? Having a hard time finding the love? Relax into it. Really.

Before I get out of bed every single day I take at least three deep inhales and three deep exhales. I then give thanks to at least three things that are present in my life. I do this mindfully and I take the time to feel it in my body. Doing it just to do it will get you, me and us absolutely nowhere. Why am I not growing, healing, progressing? Perhaps you’re not giving it the proper attention you know you can.

Give gratitude justice and your heart will grow. Everything will take on a new perspective. Everything.

If you’re not truly integrating your tools, aren’t you just wasting energy? Feel the effects of your practice.


Join me on the awesome, healthy people AM routine? I dare you.



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If you can’t start on March 20, no problem. Start when you’re ready. We’ll leave the doors open and the light on.

thisThank you for being here.

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