A Pep Talk For The Sensitive Ones.

{Photo via Pinterest}

{Photo via Pinterest}

This post is a reminder to all those who are sensitive, who feel deeply.

Perhaps you are like me, feeling the rawness of this sacred time, the fragility of this gap between solar and lunar eclipses. For most, the subtle messages from the feeling level are nudged aside, neglected, tucked thoughtlessly away. But for those of us who have bigger feelings, more intense feelings, we can’t so easily let our feelings and emotions hide.

Not to say we haven’t tried (or still don’t occasionally). When you give up trying to resist your depth of feeling life, this is a turning point. And this is probably where we will cross paths…

When you start to recognize that your feelings are the pulse of your life, this can offer great awakening. It’s not necessarily that the feelings, or the emotions that arise from these feelings, are in and of themselves healing. But if you are awake and savvy, those feelings can be amazing resources for your transformation and healing process.

Our feelings are pathways to becoming more and more awake. Awakened to our needs, wants, and the whys behind them. Feelings are always a response to our personal mythology. A reservoir of our life experiences.

So if you feel deeply, you are one of the lucky ones. You have easy access to what can awaken you and bring more consciousness to your life process. We are the gifted ones, but can so easily get off track and lose our sense of inner trust, our resiliency.

I know, personally, that great sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse and we must guard it like the precious gift that it is.

Some days, like today, when the rawness of life is strong and tears are unstoppable, I remind myself that I am here in this body to feel. That is why I chose to be a human I believe — to feel the full range of my humanness. Not just the good, the easy, the light and joyful parts. But the dark, vulnerable, fearful and tragic parts as well.

And though I know this dance between the hard and the soft is a choice, a very conscious one, I choose to work with both very intentionally. We are both light and dark. Those of us who are sensitive know how thin this veil is between these realms and just how overwhelming that seems at times.

Consider this as your reminder to keep going. Even when it’s hard to take another step. Don’t lose hope that life will bring another day, another dawn. Surf your waves and find a shore, but be ready to surf again. Bring presence to your breath and to the soft landing that is your physical body; its sensations will help you land back in the now.

Remind yourself how sacred your internal and external space is. Keep company that is nourishing to you and find environments that do the same. When the darkness arrives, thank it, work with it, let it share its messages. Then use great care to peel back the layers of your truth.

Above all, when you’re walking through fire, the best rule is always to keep walking. Continue feeling, but keep the feelings moving.

Treat your sensitivity, your ability to feel, as the gift that it is, and it will bless you with its many offerings. Here is to your embodied movement forward — with grace, care, and presence to your own sacred existence. Attending to your sacredness is the ultimate self-care.

Nourish yourself!



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