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Stumbling Along With A Hope To Be Graceful Like Water.


{Photo via Tumblr}

{Photo via Tumblr}

I make my way
I stumble still
Moving ever so slowly
Along the stream
By the edge
I can see the fish
Through the clear water
Some think water is blue
I used to color it that way
Always staying inside the lines
Others say such water
Is dirty
Not suited for anything now
But I like to believe
That all the scum
Adds to the beauty
That is the water
The source of all the things
Gracefully waving
As she trickles
Gently caressing rocks
Giving life to passers-by
Refilling herself with the rains
Gurgling in the shallows
Finding cold in the deep
The grass grows tall
Animals know no thirst
Nourishment from her
I walk still
Burning bridges down
As I go
Scaling boulders
Fear of failure
Tired limbs
Sleepy eyes
Mind numbed
Rising above the tree line
Seeing the water wave from below
Beckoning me
Calling out
Her melody soothing
Her voice only heard if you really listen
For the sound of water
Is beauty that few care to hear
The sun will rise in the morning
Moon will settle over the world at night
And still she never stops her running
Wind will shake her
People will change her
Trees will fall into her
No time will erase her
Ever moving
In a constant state of change
Twisting and turning
As the mountains and valleys
Slope and settle
Fall and stretch upwards
To the Heavens
I make my way
Running now
Towards those stars
When it rains in the dark
I’m being showered with kisses
Glitter like
Light filled
Love bombs
As they hit my skin
Liquid reminders
From those lost
That I am found
I walk on
Just as the water does
Leaving a trail
And maybe one day
I will be just as graceful as she
So I stumble along
Always a stumbler
With that hope.



MorganGemayMarksMorgan Gemay Marks will be serving with the United States Peace Corps in rural Zambia until April 2015. After that, life is unknown. She’s not that funny but she has a lot of feelings. She loves inspirational quotes, her favorite word is ‘quixotic’, and she has a tendency to be overly idealistic. The good stuff: tea, hugs, poetry, paperback books, pups, Yoga, tattoos, journaling, handwritten letters, travel, never settling, capturing moments and always giving love another chance. Morgan is passionate about communication, conflict resolution and human rights. She loves people, their stories and wholeheartedly believes that we are all in this thing together. Most likely, she will be off continuing to live out her dreams while fighting the good fights. You could contact Morgan via her blog, Instagram and Facebook.


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