12 More Writers You Need To Follow On Instagram.


Unlike what you may have heard, Instagram is not simply a space to share photos of food, cute pets, and sunsets.

Countless writers have swarmed the social media phenomenon, using it as a tool to spread ideas, connect with one another, and promote their prose and poetry. However, with all of the typewritten text out there, it’s hard to know who is writing what and which writers are leading the pack.

Last year, I wrote an article highlighting a dozen of my favorite writers on Instagram. Since then, I’ve discovered countless creators who routinely fill my world with wonder, inspiring and challenging me to produce better work, be more vulnerable, and write more. These 12 writers are some of best on Instagram, and you should probably check them out.


1. Adrian Hendryx (@adrianhendryx) Adrian has an edge and it’s a damn good one. Crafting touching poems with a ferocious attitude and strong beauty, she is fierce, passionate, and bold. I like her a lot.



2. Jennifer Rogue (@j.r.rogue) Jen is outstanding, routinely pouring her vulnerability onto the page and openly sharing her struggles and affections. A soft-spoken yet powerful voice, she’s well worth checking out.


3. Mark Groves (@createthelove) Mark spits proactive, pragmatic, soulful and hopeful relationship advice, and routinely drops wonderfully-worded insights based upon his life experiences. He’s a genuinely good soul and is guaranteed to make you stop and think.



4. Tiffany Trivett (@tntrivett) Tiff is a damn good poet and is very open about the issues and topics she confronts, vulnerably writing about her own struggles and demons. Her words are liberating in many ways. She’s one of my favorites.


5. Jake Kenneth Banks (@jkennethbanks) What you see is what you get with Jake. He’s a genuine dude with a good soul who writes softly about everything and anything that affects his heart and infects his mind. He also makes hugely entertaining little videos, has a stellar sense of humor, and will probably make you smile as often as he makes you think, which is a lot.


6. Tyler Kent White (@tylerkentwhite) Tyler is a boss, a giant teddy bear of a man affectionately sharing his tender heart with the world. I absolutely love his work and, as a bonus, he has a great beard, which makes him pretty much unstoppable. You will love him.


7. J. Raymond (@j.raymond) Jack is a no-nonsense writer who spits excellent paragraphs of beautiful prose stuffed full of insights and revelations. A fiercely opinionated father who is brutally frank in his interpretation of the world, he makes no apologies for the honesty he craves and crafts.


8. AJ Burgos (@aj_burgos) AJ is a beautiful writer and his poetry is kind of like reading your little brother’s diary. He’s sensitive and soulful as hell, exceptionally eloquent, and he often writes his whole huge heart onto the page with a rawness and unapologetic authenticity that is largely unrivaled. His words do his heart justice.


9. Marilyn Wargo (@m.wargo) Marilyn is the real deal. She oozes sincerity, has a silky soul, and routinely produces exquisite prose doused in strength and substance. She is an outstanding poet and I enjoy everything she is, does, and stands for.


10. Case Lech (@sketchkuproject) Case crafts unbelievably great haikus and illustrates them with simple yet flawless little designs. Her 17-syllable symphonies routinely blow me away with their depth and the way the drawings perfectly mirror the message. Plus, they’re fucking adorable. You simply must follow her page. I’m serious.


11. Sam Kilbride (@sgkilbride) Sam is sensational in many ways. A force to be reckoned with, an opinionated powerhouse, and a wonderful soul with a hilarious heart, she is insightful and reflective, offering straightforward beauty and wonderful musings.


12.  Jessica Katoff (@jessicakatoff) Jessica is phenomenal. She routinely produces poetry that leaves me shaking my head, partly in adoration and partly because she makes it look so damn easy. A wonderfully insightful writer, her work is immaculate.


Bonus: Jeremy Goldberg (@longdistancelovebombs) Sorry, I couldn’t resist a bit of shameless self-promotion. I write about life and love and the links between us all, and I want to make kindness cool and the world better than yesterday. I also enjoy using bad words for good.


So, that’s a dozen Instagram writers I think are worth following. What do you think? Who did I miss?


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