The Goddess. {poetry}


The tiger has awakened.

I cannot control her.

She’s been bound too long. Dormant.

She’s hungry,

aching for satisfaction

and searching.

Smells her prey.

Wants to pounce.

I try to hold her back,

but she is too strong.

When the right moment comes,

she will attack.

I must protect her.

She has so much force.

Fierce as a lion.

Yet innocent as a lamb.

Her fire burns within,

deep and blue.

The Goddess.

Powerful and

full of passion, sensuality.

Yearning and longing

for the love she deserves.

She lives within me,

my sexual goddess.

Oppressed. Caged.

Hidden from the world.

Shielded from those

who wish to use her

for their wants and desires.

I must protect her.

When will she be free?

Free to spread her wings,

fuel the flames of her passion

Use her sensual powers

to bring a man

to his knees in desire.

When will she be celebrated

for the love she has to give,

without judgment,

Left in the cold,

called a slut,

a whore,

for the way

she shows her love?

Her power needs to be embraced.

Every inch of her body worshipped.

Her fierce intensity respected,

wanted for who she really is.

Loved for her beauty.

Oh, I yearn for the day

that I can share her with the world.

Share her with someone

worthy of the flame.

That will cherish her,

respect her,

love her,

protect her.

For she aches to touch,

feel every part of the body.

Give it all her attention,

all of her time,

all of her fire.

A night full of ecstasy,

full of torturous pleasure

in a world of passion,

full of love.

Never let her go and

give her everything.

All your body.

All your heart.

All your soul.

All your mind.

Feel her,

nurture her.

Guard her with all your might.

She’ll give you her all in return,

all her love.

Her power will become your power.

Her passion your passion.

Her fierce intensity swallowing you whole,

satisfying your every need

a high beyond

anything imaginable.

Too long has she been forced to hide.

Too long has she been used for others gain.

How long must she feel

that painful knife

full of poison and hurt?



someone will love her

and give her the freedom

to spread her wings

and fly.

For I yearn what she yearns.

To feel ecstasy.

To feel passion.

Desperate for the touch,

fire racing through every vein,

swallowing me whole,

I burn with sensual power.

The tiger hungers for love,

to be wanted.

Feasts on sexual pleasures.

She has gone untouched too long,

grown cold and dark,

desperate to feel warmth,

feel emotion,

be free.


Karen Kirby is a southerner who loves theatre and poetry. She believes these are the two best ways to spotlight problems and emotions in the world that are often swept under the rug. Today’s society does not always allow a person to express their deep emotions or feelings. They are often deemed ‘sensitive’ or ‘crazy’ even for expressing how they truly feel. Yet in poetry and theatre one can express these deep emotions without ridicule. This is why she writes. So that those who feel as deeply as her never feel alone.


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