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Re-Creating Your Life Based On Your Dreams.

What if life was a continuous process of creating oneself?

Life is made up of movement. Hours, days, weeks and years go by. Time goes fast but at an adapted pace if we decide to use it to become who we want. In that case, time simply gives us enough slots and opportunities to reach that goal. But finding our way doesn’t come to us by chance as flowers grow at spring.

It’s a choice we decide to make.

We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where it was all about finding within us the strength and courage to move on. When we figure out our past choices have not led us to the places we wanted to be, to the values and ways of living we wanted to reach. It’s not us anymore. It’s a vague, blurred but strong impression. It scares us — we feel trapped.

However, our past shouldn’t limit and curb our future.

Indeed we change through life. As all creatures of nature, we grow, we transform ourselves, time effects us. Our experiments, the places we’ve lived in, the people we’ve met mold us. They give us shape.

Some flowers in our garden die while some persist and grow more beautiful. Very intense moments are indeed when we go back to places we’ve not been for a long time, and we realize how much we’ve changed.

So when our intuition tries to alarm us and to say This isn’t the right place for me or I can see I have better options, it’s probably actually true! But how do we figure out if we should move on to another place, another job, meet other people, change our lives?

We do this through introspection.

One of the greatest things in life is that we do have our own answers — inside of us. It may be hidden in a deep place within our hearts or souls, but it lives, burns, somewhere in our bodies. That little voice knows what we want, what we truly love, what will make us happy.

Sometimes it appeals to our attention while telling us who it admires, who it would have liked to be. Those are signals, ways that our souls decide to use to communicate with our rational part. Sometimes this little voice wouldn’t be found in our brains, but in our bodies, in our guts, where lie our strongest emotions, our boldness and courage.

Then what to do? Our goal is to dig within ourselves and find this little melody, to listen to it, to welcome it as a friend and become its best support. It’s called self-acceptance.

Of course, when our personal goal and dream become apparent, almost everything remains to be done. The voice has spoken but we need to give it birth, to transform her song through strength, conviction, investment and work into reality. We actually now stand at the base of a huge mountain.

The first steps towards our dreams are therefore the scariest and hardest to undertake.

We are now facing the unpredictable. To begin our move, we need a great stock of bravery and a strong confidence in life’s lucky coincidences. It’s like starting a war, but we don’t know where your enemies are, who they are, what arms they will carry.

We don’t know how far they are located and how much time and energy it may need to even reach them. We ignore where and when we’ll meet new friends along the way.

What clues and congratulations life may show us on the road!

But we keep on going. Simply because if we don’t, we’ll build battlements between ourselves and our real hours, days, lives.

After that, investment and perseverance are required. Dreams mean work.

And the day comes when we achieve our first success, as a sign of destiny. Yes, we were able to climb that mountain! Afterwards, we don’t look back again, we are definitely started and launched in that much-expected new life.

Once those first battles are won, nothing could make the soldier pull back, after achieving what’s called inner peace.

People around the soldier may be amazed and answer that he should keep on investing in his previous choices. That he shouldn’t risk what he built. They may not be stronger or weaker compared to him, they’re just different and no one should judge each other.

Life is not a recipe, with a certain amount of ingredients to spread above eggs to make a beautiful cake. Accepting oneself also implies accepting others and differences between people.

Dedicating oneself to fulfill their dreams is so much worth taking the risks. If it isn’t, what could life be about?

Settling somewhere, seeing forever the same people, always having the same job and making sure we don’t change our minds? Our goals? Is it what we should call being safe? But we should wonder how to define safety. Is it waking up relaxed and deeply happy because we are devoting ourselves to our personal goals?

Or is it remaining in an under-control and bordered life in which we settled years ago, even if it doesn’t make us happy?

People’s views may surely differ. Some may try to convince soldiers that changing their minds shows they are immature or lost in life.

What could soldiers reply back? They could argue that the ones who don’t wish to create their own path have simply abstained and given up on life’s most spangled joy!



SophieGregoireSophie Gregoire is a thinker. You may often find her with a new idea or a new concept to explain, holding a notebook and pencil. Also found reading and writing, she is more than anything an independent soul. She enjoys traveling and getting lost in new places, namely in Asia. She says it helps understanding our worlds, its people and the humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality, and to keep the little piece of sanity she still has. She savors coffee, encounters, Yoga and meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse!


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