10 Ways To Invoke Magic & Aliveness Into Your Day.

Does life ever get mundane? Does the routine ever get boring?

When we live on autopilot, we get stagnant. This is territory for boredom, anxiety and even depression.

Do you crave a life filled with aliveness, joy and juicy experiences?

Then take the first step and commit to choosing one! You must live with conscious intention, awareness and a commitment to living life more fully and deeply at all turns.

If you want magic in your life, you’ll need to pull out your magic stick, open your eyes and brighten your vision. Allow your heart to crack wide open and absorb the elements and alive energy that’s right in front you.

If you want magic and aliveness, you must create the portal for it to come and play live music at the dance party that is your life.

So here we go…

1. Shake up the routine; in fact, throw it out of the window. The laundry, the dusting or the vacuuming can wait another day.

2. Take a different way to work or leave at a different time. Notice the changes. Is the sun in a different spot? Are there more trees or beautiful fields on this route? Is there less traffic or an awesome new coffee shop you can stop at along the way?

3. Try something new — a new recipe, a new restaurant, a new type of latte. Don’t do the same, usual old story.

4. Have dinner outside. Get a blanket and have a picnic in your backyard, around the fire, in a park, anywhere… just not around the kitchen table for this one night.

5. Choose not to watch TV. Go to a museum, art gallery, live music show, heck, even go to the library. Go to the park you always talk about going to. Go somewhere unconventional and give it a whirl. Invite in new energy by trying new things.

Pretend you are a tourist visiting your town or city, what attractions might you go see or do?

6. Rock a funky piece of clothing. Wear that bright pink shirt or leopard-print shoes. Wear four giant rings or a scarf with skulls. Pull out the bright pink lipstick and have some fun, dress it up and invoke some fun energy with your clothes.

See the response of those around you when you walk around with playful energy and intentions.

7. Go to a secondhand goods store and find something you can repurpose with some love, vision and paint. Could that roughed up table hiding in the corner look good painted bright pink?

8. Go outside, take in some deep breaths. Really, breathe in the fresh air. Notice what’s around you, what do you hear, smell, taste? What season is it? What memories or feelings of joy come with this moment?

Describe the experience in the form of a love poem or love letter to Mother Earth or the Elements of Nature.

I love the smell of fresh life floating in the air,

The fight between the sun and rain

Throwing punches in the sky

I love the moment just before birth where new life awaits

Crowning, waiting to emerge

As the winds blow out the old season

And the birds sweep in

Singing the songs of spring.

9. Make a bucket list. List 14 things you’d like to do before you kick the bucket. Do this with a friend or significant other over a coffee or hot chocolate and share your lists. How can you start tackling the list this week?

No, really, what is one thing this week you can begin to work towards checking off?

10. What are some of the most fun, wild, passionate, memorable experiences you’ve had? Write about one out as though it were a story. Describe and remember every… single… detail. Who was with you? Where were you? What was the setting? How did you take the risk and get there?

Have some fun, shake that shit up, and live life a little off the beaten path today.

Sparkle, shine and enjoy the magic in the air!



CrystalTardiffChagnon-300x224Crystal Tardiff Chagnon is a Writer, Spiritual Teacher and Invoker of Magic into the Mundane. She specializes in bringing the sacred and divine moments into everyday life, and invites you to unleash your wild soul into your everyday reality. She specializes in Women’s Soul Journey, sacred art and creates unique daily rituals to connect to the Divine Feminine within, without and everything in between. You can follow her on her website.


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