10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Know Your Yoga Teacher.

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Life Coach might be a better title, but that’s already taken.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) — the leading global coaching organization and professional association for coaches — defines Coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

That’s how I see Yoga teachers. I’ve been interviewing Yoga teachers for over 30 years. I started asking them the how, what, why’s when I was working for ABC TV. My Ashtanga teacher at the time was old school — the real deal. I was lucky he was my first Yoga Life Coach.

At the time I had no clue that’s what I would define him as (and all the wise and loving Yoga Life Coach souls I would connect with as mentors, healers and friends), but I certainly understood that he was changing my life. We were changing my life.

We have a language of love growing in our heart that only deep excavation can decode. I use Yoga (and my teachers) to uncover the truth. Truth is fertile seeds hidden in our souls until watered by our experience.

The job of a teacher is to give the internal argument back to the person wrestling with their own growth.

Don’t just lay your mat down, practice and leave. Get to know your Yoga teacher. Why?

1. They can help you achieve your goals: If you are feeling stuck and/or need help in making a decision, they will help you discover what’s important to you to make the best decision. They help you sort out and clarify your values.  Make sure and check their credentials.

It would also be wise to speak with a prior client.

2. They help you achieve a better, richer life, regardless of your type of goal: Some people want focus on personal goals such as balance, stress reduction, health. Some people seek Yoga for physical, not mental or emotional or spiritual goals.

I highly recommend learning all about this amazing and rich tool of transformation. They are a great resource or they can point you in the right direction to discover all you need to grow and self-discover ways of self-inquiry that can shift and transform.

3. It’s not as big a time commitment as you may think: Results can be achieved in less time than you think, but I highly recommend daily practice. If you are new, though, showing up and having a great experience are key in the beginning.

Good teachers work hard to get you moving towards what you desire quickly.

4. They are experts at changing behavior: To make changes, you sometimes need a third party — but not another person — telling you what to do. Teachers help their students explore and come up with the best choices for them, based on where they are and their future vision.

5. Its value is measurable: You will see progress quickly. Most people say they felt more calm and centered at the end of their first class.

Some people may be intimidated by the big-picture goals of using words like transformation, so easing them into Yoga by using words like stretching really speaks to them.

It is reported that over 44% of Americans call themselves Aspirational Yogis — they want to try… but is it still intimidating to a whole lot of people? Yes, it is.

6. You are ready to change and grow: You may be wondering what else is out there for you. You may have gone through something life-changing and challenging. You may feel like there is one obstacle after another. You may feel happy, but unchallenged.

Happy or unhappy, either is a great time to utilize a professional who can guide you to your next level of your one big wonderful life. Change can be scary for most. Why go it alone? Even if you are comfortable, Yoga and a real deal teacher can help you step out of your comfort zone.

Having someone else accountable for your progress is key in building a support system for change.

7. You’re tired of living in fear: Let’s face it, a lot of people live in fear. Daily. A Yoga teacher will hold space for you to name your fears, give you tools to take action despite them, and change the way you feel about them. Sounds like something most people on the planet could benefit from.

8. You’re ready for a self-discovery journey: Perhaps you have been hearing about how you take the lessons you learn on the mat and use them in your own life. But what if you never learned how to listen to your intuition and apply that to your life? A teacher can show you how.

9. Real support: Having someone validate your success and progress can be really empowering. Some people move through life alone. Your success will be acknowledged and celebrated.

10. Get you back on track: If you have been engaging in destructive behaviors, a teacher can guide you back to a healthy path. To have the courage to ask for help is a sign of someone who is ready to do the work.

A teacher can listen to your issues in an unbiased and supportive manner, and help you with an action plan.

I would love to hear where you are at in your Yoga Life Goals.



Stephanie Spence
Coronado, California-based screenwriter Stephanie Spence is the former publisher of the award-winning monthly wellness lifestyle magazine in Pennsylvania, Health & Fitness. Her publishing company, Spence Communications, Inc., has published numerous magazines and produced a short documentary film. Stephanie has worked in TV, films and radio and is currently in the Advanced UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. This mother of two spends her time practicing Yoga, writing and traveling. You could contact her via her blog or via Twitter.
Stephanie Spence