Listen to the Call of Your Heart and Follow Your Passions.



“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It begins as a quiet niggle. The smallest pang, deep within, as the strings of your heart are gently tugged.

You try to ignore it, you try to push the feeling away, but deep down you know something is beginning to making itself known.

As this feeling grows in intensity over time, you are plagued with questions and confusion; you have it all going for you, so why do you feel this persistent emptiness that seems to be engulfing you? Its whispers get louder, the pull gets stronger.

“What is this I am feeling?” you question, “why does life feel like it’s not enough?” Your mind is constantly wandering — dreaming — of somewhere else, something more.

Where you are is safe, but it doesn’t feel… right. This construction of reality you are experiencing, is this it? Is this the fullness of life? Is this what we are destined to be? To do? You’re not so sure.

You read books, you notice tiny signs and synchronicities littering your daily life, your intuition prickles with recognition. Your heart flutters with joy when words wash over you like waves and feel like home. Someone else, somewhere, has felt like this too.

A deep remembering shifts like the tectonic plates of your past.

Each sentence calls out to you; somewhere deep within, the sparks of your soul are bursting into life, spitting and splinting. The awakening is beginning.

Some days the whispers are quiet, or non-existent, numbed by alcohol, or drugs, or sexual distractions, or all three. Some days you trick yourself into being skeptical of the voices.

You are safe, you are happy, you tell yourself. This is what life is; security, familiarity. All your friends are doing it, this is normal. Look around, everyone’s living this way, this has to be the right way… right?

There’s a dull and persistent ache in your heart. One day, you will realize this is your higher self trying to speak to you, but right now you are in denial. Your higher self at this point is only a murmur, a ghost. You wish it would go away, you have a meeting to attend.

The emptiness remains, the unidentifiable sting in your stomach, but you fill the void with hedonism and excess. You drink to escape the calling that you refuse to respond to. You drink to forget what you already know, but you’re too afraid to admit it to yourself. You search for an ever unreachable peace.

You are a seeker of something, although you’re not sure what yet. You chase love like it’s a drug. Drinking in its sensations and melting into those first kisses, those passionate embraces, but none of them quenching the thirst. Dissatisfaction and boredom follow you like hungry wolves at your heels.

Some days the calling is more like a scream in your gut and heart. It begs you to listen. It demands that you pay attention. It drags you from your slumber, kicking and screaming. Like a child with their fingers in their ears, refusing to listen. Except the voice is coming from inside you. The voice is you.

One day, you break, you fall, you crumble in a heap. You can’t go on like this. You can’t continue living this way. Your whole life feels like a lie. You are a tired slave to the system, and it hurts. Your weary soul cannot take one more step in your shoes.

It is do or die. Make or break. Wake up and accept a new way or life, or tumble into the depths of despair trying to survive the life you are currently living.

Lying on the floor, tears streaming down your face, you quietly beg for help; your chest rising and falling with the steady beat of your heart, you wait. In silence; wet cheeks and deep breaths are all you know. And then a voice..

“You are more than this.”

The voice comes from nowhere but you recognize it as your own. The voice of your heart.

“It doesn’t have to be like this. You are destined for greatness, for joy, for wildness. Everyone is. You are larger than stars, you can save people, if only you’d find out how. You are not here to be a cog in a wheel, you are here to create. You are here to connect and heal. This is your calling. Follow your passions. Go into the world, don’t be afraid. Be bold and truly live.”

You lie silently on the floor. Your heartbeat is now the drumbeat of a warrior. When you rise up, you know you’ll never be the same again. Something has happened. Something has transformed within you. The phoenix has risen.

You are different now, your eyes are wider, brighter. You are more connected to your body. You are aware of sensations and feelings. You pay attention to the niggles, the tightness, the whispers and the shouts of your body, heart and soul. You follow their wisdom mercilessly.

The freedom you discover is like a release, like smashing through the glass roof of your own constructed existence. Limits, you come to realize, are man-made and dictated by fear.

Previous patterns of destructive behavior become clear to you now. The world becomes translucent; you can see through the lies. You can see past the fear, and you know that the only answer is love.

What follows is a tidal wave of energy, ideas and creativity; far-flung travel becomes a real possibility. Unlocking your passions and finding your purpose becomes an obsession and a duty. No playing small, no pretending, no denying.

Truth is your sword which you use to cut through the layers of your life. 

You are dedicated to your own personal journey — exploring avenues, adventures and concepts that will allow you to transcend this existence that you’ve been trapped within for so long now.

You realize that everything you have ever felt — every heartache, every sleepless night filled with anxiety and pain, every tear, every moment of feeling lost and helpless — has guided you to where you are now.

These feelings have been your greatest teachers and your saviors; nothing has been in vain. Everything has meaning.

You now have wings. You are a creator, a warrior, a traveler of the earth and an explorer of your own heart. Your heart burns constantly, your eyes see truth. Separation and lies fall away to reveal the glorious interconnectedness of everyone and everything. You are driven by love.

Creativity is your gift and expression is your purpose; you are called to heal, to help, to inspire others on their journey. You are eager to share, connect, grow and expand into all the corners of your heart and all the corners of the earth. You feel larger than life itself.

And this is just the beginning…

“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more.” ~ John Steinbeck


Zoe Quiney

Zoe Quiney

Originally from the UK, Zoe Quiney now resides in Australia, indefinitely, where she studies Ayurveda, an ancient Indian study of Life, and writes from her heart. She spends her time studying, recording her musings on life, walking, hanging out by the ocean and juggling her (day)dreams. Her life goal is to live in a tiny wooden eco-friendly house surrounded by trees, mountains, water and rescued animals, cooking delicious food, drinking red wine and writing to her heart's content... but until then she will continue to weave together stories, using the threads of her heart, sharing them with the world, as she follows the calling of her soul. You can connect with her on Facebook and find her musings on Tumblr or Instagram.
Zoe Quiney
Zoe Quiney