Maybe It Is About Simply Doing What You Feel Is Right.

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The map inside my waifish heart tells many stories.

These marvelous and colorful tales of love and lost hope lie within my chest. Just below my sternum and close to my lungs.

I cannot help but listen intently and learn from all the lessons and mistakes over the last years. I cannot help but mourn those lost and celebrate those gained. My heart is covered in marks and lines and I think it only adds character. My heart is not perfect, nor is it dark.

To have emotions is one of the greatest gifts you have as a human. The Universe is within you to question it; you are everything you need. In order to bring out the things you need in yourselves, you need to ask the right questions.

It is important to understand when you are feeling weary and drained. It is important to know yourself well enough that you can easily tell that something is amiss.

This is your inner self saying that something is not right, “I am not feeling fulfilled, I am not being nurtured.”

Have you tried taking a day for yourself recently? Have you ever turned off your phone and focused on other things? When did you last put on your favorite sad song and just cry? When did you last dance with someone? Your soul sometimes aches for some attention.

When did you last turn the radio up in your car and belt out your favorite songs? When did you last hold someone’s hand? When did you last laugh at yourself?

Doing things to take care of you is not selfish, it is necessary. Some days are okay to write off as days to do absolutely nothing. It is okay to watch marathons of series, turn off your phone, and ignore the world.

There is nothing wrong with lying on your bed and thinking about the world. It is necessary to support and cultivate the parts inside of you that need help.

Maybe it is not about answering the questions, but simply doing what you feel is right. Maybe you need to talk to people who make you think, and maybe you need to enjoy the silence.

What is most important is that you are trying to be the best person you can be, not only for yourself, but for those around you.

Figuring this all out is what makes life beautiful.

Good luck.

I am always here for you.



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