There Is A Choice.

{Photo via Pinterest}

{Photo via Pinterest}

Through the reigns of envy
We kill each other
Committing our own race’s slow genocide

In order to heal ourselves
We will need to see the light
By diving into each heavy breath
Releasing each jealous beat of our wounded hearts
This subtle sense of pain covering all of us
Just a gentle hint

We apparently are happy for others
Yet so sad for ourselves
They are doing very well
We are not quite as well
We have so much
Yet there is this calling in us
Wondering why the others have more
How the other side lives, in our minds
Our endlessly rehashed stories
From generation to generation

Let’s open our eyes
Listen with love
Speak with love
We have it all
There is no need for envy
In any of its malicious forms
The drama queen should just piss off
Leave her behind, walk away from that bitch
One little step after another

We have all the possibilities
We are allowed to embrace all of what we are
And all of what we are not

Let this detox begin
Raise the curtains and welcome the truth
Onto its well deserved stage
Here, now and today
Let it begin with all there is to it
Let love take us over
With all its strength
Let us being washed ashore on a new day
Where love and empathy are the reigning king and queen

Things are never what they seem
In this reality of thoughts and inner turmoil
We voluntarily and so deeply immerse ourselves
The calm ones drug their anxieties with mountains of pills
We get addicted to these non-existing realities
We wish our lives away through painful daydreams
We try to be everything we are not
It is not easy to be the raw version of yourself
To let the madness of this existence rise up
To open the space we have hidden for so long
Uncork our explosive bottles

It is time to do this
There is no more time to waste
We are being called upon now
Let’s put that bullshit bottle down god damn it
So what if we will see white elephants for a whole goddamn fucking week
Let us see how strong we can be together
It is time to show the world what we are capable of
We have come this far

Tell me, what are we waiting for?
What we are letting go of today?
Sugar, codependency, guilt?
Addictions of all unnamed kinds?
Self-sabotage on an epic scale?

Think about it
Let me ask you
Is there enjoyment in our suffering?
Who wins the first prize in this endless dance of self-inflicted pain?
We have to truly decide, would we rather suffer or be alive?
Does being alive mean that we have to suffer?
Only if we choose to not have a voice

We are so much more than we will ever understand
I feel a deep knowing that we can do this
We can kick our demons back to their own hell
No more grinning green imps on ceiling

All of us are in this together
Separation is just another illusion
Take a look through this mirror and beyond its boundaries
There is a whole tribe of us who are quitting
This twisted matrix of negative beliefs
We are not here to quit lives, never our lives
Our spirits are so much better than that
If they are given a chance
Let’s take a hike through our forests of thoughts
Let’s ensure we still see the forest for all its trees
Freedom is on the move

We are lifting our heavy fences and throwing them onto the ground
Thou shall never be rebuilt
We are breaking free
All of us

Breaking free to become who we are
There is a revolution on the rise
There is a choice to join us
Or be silenced until the end of all days
Your final thought taken with your last breath

Ultimately, the choice is yours
All apparent odds and limitations aside
Drop all our excuses
Climb that iron wall and jump across

I know this is not the easy way
One must be willing to build impossible bridges
We will travel through broken lands and ride our souls on empty roads
There is beauty in the unknown
In the opening up of possibilities
There is adventure waiting for our beating souls
Challenges are being turned into rivers of rewards

Build that door and knock on it
Don’t wait any longer
Life calls you back to be you

I know together we can do this
There is a choice to be made.



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