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Trickiness Of Balance: Don’t Judge, Walk Away From What Doesn’t Serve You.


{Photo via Wikimedia Commons}

{Photo via Wikimedia Commons}

I was so moved by a plethora of words and sightings this morning, that even my most futile attempts to filter or soak in all the things that were created inside of me left me a bit off-kilter.

I almost have to wear out my happy puppy very early in the morning, therefore his needs are met and he can rest until around 2 pm, and I can spill out words onto paper without allowing them to occupy too much of any much-needed brain or heart space.

Self-care involves both me and my pup, yet all the while he and I are out and about prancing from the beach to the parks, I still manage to have my needs met, so love is never lost.

Being outdoors, under a glistening sun, birds singing their hearts out, nary a crowd of people yet to drown out the enchanting roar of the ocean, or the wind blowing so beautifully subtle it messes more with my wild curly hair, I find a smidgen of balance.

What a Yoga practice looked like six months ago has now evolved into something that only nature and my dog dictate. I don’t even carry a mat anymore wherever I go. I randomly plop in the sand or on the dried-out grass of the park and begin what feels good.

It is funny to me how I can go from daily dedication of routine-ness, to this seems like a sweet spot to park my bare feet and just roll with it kind of thought. And I can think too much, hence the necessity of stillness and peace amongst the trees and flowers and water.

The latest jargon on realness has me in such an interesting heart space. Everyone is being real, whether they spew out a ration of negatives, personal accounts of where their soul lies, inspiring words based on experience and wisdom, or reciting prose from their deepest of the deep.

Balancing it all is where the trickiness awaits. I love exclamation points, almost to the tune of excess, and if life is extra-positive and going well, the more excitement I feel and desire to share.

Holding back is one way to go, reserve it for my journal is another way to go, or download with a close friend in person (or on the phone) is yet another alternative that has become somewhat of a pastime.

If we have news, real life juicy I’m-jumping-out-of-my-skin news, why not share it with connections who can either relate or support? The balance of friends and collaborations, and our dearest family and partners love to hear the joy in our voices.

If there is a darkness that needs to come forth, speak that too, for then it allows those who are searching for answers to their grieving or depths of despair, to feel comforted.

We are the only ones who can decide what we want to see, hear, taste and smell. And what an awesome privilege it is to have that option! (See, exclamation point!) The balance of everything is self-imposed the minute we wake up in the morning.

And do we truly need to judge people based on their personal choices? For the good of humanity, we owe it to ourselves to remain kind and loving, and it does not have to be such a chore.

The collective consciousness sways to whatever side they opt for, and to those who get their panties in a wad because it wasn’t what they wanted all along and almost demanded from their peers, let the madness end.

Balance and harmony can be an opposites-attract kind of agreement, and the music sounds so much more graceful when adhered to the wishes of what songs are in our hearts.

Teeter-totters were always exciting and fun as a kid, so were roller coasters. If I had to choose sea-sickness over adrenaline in this day and age, I think massive doses of ginger and a big fat smile would help. Both bring me into balance, in an oddly healthy way.

And metaphorically speaking, both ask that we take a risk and have some fun, dabble into some intensity every now and again, sit on some uncomfortable situations for a bit before arriving to conclusions, and walk gently and peacefully away from that which doesn’t serve us.




{Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You}


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