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You, in Words. {poetry}

I attempt to flesh out
my perception of you
with strokes of pencil lead
pressed upon paper,
hoping the words
will be formed and spill
the way my feelings do
when I am pressed upon you.

But, the words
are formed and erased
in my mind.
They do not reach the paper
I find myself searching
for words that
echo your perfection,
but how can words
embody everything you are?
I can close my eyes
and breathe you deep
into my lungs,
and taste your scent.

Yet, words cannot describe
the mix of chemicals
that give rise
to that scent
that is inherently you.
But my body knows,
my soul knows you.

It knows the smooth
gentleness of your skin,
and how it burns hot
when your passion
is set alight.
It knows the sparkling
light in your eyes
when you smile.
A perfect picture
of happiness radiating
from your being.

It feels the depth
of your love between
short, sweet kisses
and kisses that spill
from the burning embers
of our hearts.

I know that words
cannot bring the picture
of you to life,
they cannot curve
in the way your
back curves
when I trace it
with my fingers.

They cannot capture
the boldness of your
adventurous spirit,
your kindness towards
any living being,
the places created
by your neural networks
that house your deepest thoughts.
The fervor you display
when protecting anything you love,
your strength to endure
when challenges burst
from the sometimes
dark clouds of life.

I do not want to use words
to contain the enormousness
that you are.
I would prefer to bask in it,
breathe it in,
feel it on my skin,
and drink it from my lips.

I do not want to embody
you in words,
I want you to leave
your print on my soul,
because souls understand
that which words cannot express.

At night, I want to
press my lips
against the pains you battle
to soothe you.
After you lay down
your armor,
to be the safety
when you feel vulnerable,
to let you know
you are always accepted
in my arms,
my eyes,
my heart,
my soul.

I look at you with the eyes of a woman,
filled with wonder,
softness, strength, and endurance.

I can tell you these words,
but they cannot capture
the energetic pulse between us
that forms the brushstrokes
on the painting of us.

Though these words
may only touch the surface,
when you read them,
I hope that every letter
of every word stirs your heart
enough to know,
how truly deep they really flow.


Kulthum Fataar is an old soul, moving through life trying to find balance. She is deeply passionate about social work and advocating for mental health, and considers this her main purpose in life. She also absolutely ravages anything related to human behavior and how the brain works, which remains an endless mystery. Lately, there has been a surge to reunite and rediscover her creative self through writing and poetry, and find inspiration in nature and love. She enjoys Italian food, deep soul-penetrating conversations, the forest, reading for hours, and enjoying her human experience.


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