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Beautiful Beyond Belief.




You are beautiful beyond belief.

Your fragile free-for-all,

your terrifyingly quick trip

through the planetary play

we call life.

In your horror and your haste,

in your patience and your chaste,

the unfurling fingerprint spirals

tell tales of your growth and challenges,

like minion maps

Serving your journey into being.

And, despite the logging of your laugh,

and the burning of your inner broom-riding,

despite the chariots of empires

Saddling your sisters,

and killing your children,

despite the holographic hell

of villages being burned

to the ground.


you rise from the ashes

and wade through your wounds

polishing your pomegranate,

pigmented heart

for the next life journey.

You are beautiful.

And you were breathed

through all of this,

Just so you could say

to that far-reaching phantom,

“You will not win.”

Your tribal tattoos

and stretched earlobes

taunt the menacing grid

of modernization.

Your herbal potions

And belly-dancing

tickle the tummy

of the mechanical

Godzilla soul-slayer.

While soaking in hot springs

you flirt with

other dimensions

and sing songs to wild birds

that fly overhead.

You are not dead.

Your beating heart reminds you,

your swirling orchestra

imagination beckons to you.

Step into the well,

the well of remembrance.

Lilies of the valley

faint on the edge

of the waterline

as you soak.

Bowing their white,

fragrant bells into the water

as an offering

to what you haven’t forgotten,

and what you know

you must not forget.

Oh, you Bohemian bather, you.

You are beautiful.

Go ahead and clap your hands

with the clouds,

and celebrate your charitable

donation of skin

from the source.

Admire the Cybele in your shoes.

light fires to yesterday’s rubble

that would form roadblocks to

your inner wisdom.

Let it burn high enough

to lick Yahweh’s whiskers,

so he knows that fear

doesn’t fuel our footsteps.

Complete with no commandments.

Raise high your glass of rightness —

That knowing where

the wild intersection

of inner searching,


and social morale

collide to a form

A place where you

can stand firm

and tall.

Eating day lily petals

as orange as

the setting sun,

the fireflies begin

their dance near

the forest’s edge.

“This is the beginning

that never ends,”

you think.


And with lotus eyes

turned inward,

you remind yourself,


that anything

is possible…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALindsay Wilson is an herbalist, wellness guide, traditional foods maven, and Yoga teacher. Apparently, she also writes. She has lived in Eastern Europe, San Francisco, and Appalachia. She’s been back in her home state of Mississippi for the past three years. Check out her personal website here and her apothecary’s page here.


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