You Are The Earth In Wild Human Form.

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You are an endangered creature, born from of the timeless, untamed wilderness of the land and sea.

You are a feral species in a domesticated paradise.

Your bones form the dense earth: the luminous crystals, smooth stones, and rugged mountains. The luscious hair cascading down your back is the jungle, and your soft skin forms the broad, fawn-colored desert. Your fingernails move slowly across the earth’s surface, carving away at the bedrock below like great icy glaciers.

You are the Earth in wild human form.

Soft, rolling hills form the gentle curves of your waist. Wildflower grasses that dance in the wind, they are your sensual, swaying hips. Your dimples and laugh lines crack through wide river canyons. The trembling earth becomes your very life force: magical, alchemical, and orgasmic.

Can you feel your heartbeat sound like the rhythm of a tribal drum?

When did your bloodline forget its truth?

Are you willing to see what you have become?

Are you ready to settle your family’s debt?

You are Gaia. Pachamama. Mother Earth.

Welcome back home, to yourself.

You are the daughter of the coastline, where the ocean endlessly kisses the shore. Conceived in the throws of lovemaking, your soul came to land in this body through the rhythmic waves and thrusting tides.

You are the sister of the crisp mountain air. Can you feel your breath grow foul and thick? The breeze now hangs heavy, polluted with broken promises and noxious from an unspoken rage.

You are the mother of the ice cap melting, which forms your crippling grief unacknowledged. As the seas continues to rise, you deny the water slowly collecting around your ankles. Tears falls from your eyes but you refuse to acknowledge the pain you feel. Let yourself feel, sister.

Reawaken your wild soul.

The canary in the coal mine has long been dead and gone. This age will be the end of the world as we have known it.

This age asks us to wake up, to give our children and all future beings health and a beautiful earth home. We must choose to live awake, to honor the lengthy lineage of ancestors who survived to birth each one of us. The soils of our souls must be turned for new life-giving seeds to be sown.

We must be shaken loose from our limiting beliefs and all our false structures of safety.

We must wake up to our wild truth.

And don’t be mistaken — this awakening is an annihilation. It is a death.

So, let us light the fire and watch the broken ways die. May we forgive, share grace, and celebrate. Allow us to cast all burden of doubt upon the fires of the falling Phoenix, and watch as we fly forth in freedom, reborn choosing love.

Surrender… and remember who you are.

Remember your roots, your fluidity, your beauty unfolding. Reacquaint yourself with your ebbs and your flows, your symbols and your rhythms.

Remember your waves of emotion as the Earth’s raging seas, frothing and foaming with pure, raw humanity? And the lightning bolt illuminating the stormy sky? That is the faint, yet shimmering, sparkle of your eye.

Forgive from your heart and restore all forgotten symbioses. Step back into your niche and openly share your unique gift with the world. Share the wisdom of your life experience and ancestors, for the benefit of all future beings. Find your joy and reignite the spark of your fierce compassion. Shine your radiance on the world.

Remember your place in the great blue ocean. Feel yourself as the Earth. Honor the wisdom that lies within you.

Remember your wild.



RachaelHelscheinRachael Helschein is a truth seeker and a wild child. She is on a passion-driven mission to reconnect women and girls with the Earth as a source of deep healing. She knows that modern women become embodied leaders of positive change in the world when they return to the wild and sacred power of nature. Rachael honors the self-organizing principles of nature while fearlessly playing by her own rules, all with passion and a playful heart. Living in harmony with personal holism, an ecology of wellness, and the timeless ways of the feminine, women can reawaken their greatest potential. As an empowerment coach, nature guide, embodiment artist, yogini, and oracle, Rachael draws from a blend of ancient tradition and modern knowledge as healing for the soul and medicine for the planet. Visit Rachael at her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.


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