What Are You Waiting For? Jump In!

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now!” ~ Hugh Laurie

Wait until we are ready. Wait for what?

I tend to get jacked up about this particular subject because I have seen what this concept of “wait until you are ready” does to us. It puts chains around our necks, our thoughts and ideas. It holds us all back from desire and all the while it is really saying, “You are not there yet. You are not good enough. Things are not in place yet.”

I just have to call it out as bullshit!

While I get the fact that some prep work is needed for certain situations, no one can know for sure what each passing moment will be. There is no book, there are no instructions to life. No guru, no amount of incense, a crystal ball to look into or chants we can do to prepare for our tomorrow.

I am telling you; even the best-laid plans go sideways.

We have no control over happenstance and Ready is only relative to the size of our circumstance. So when it comes to possibility, we have to seize the moment, just as we are obligated by design.

Diving in, creating first hand experiences with the shrug of the shoulders and a Why not attitude breaks up the stigmatic perceptions of Should. This allows a delicate taste of forget the failure and go for it to align with the flow of our moments.

Will it be right, will it be perfect? Oh my goddess, who cares? But how can we not take the opportunity to make it golden? Every little step we take to doing something different is empowerment. Every experience builds on the next, and this is how we rise.

I learned this the hard way.

I would recoil if I couldn’t get in touch with the given moments and if I waited for everything to be right. The life I know and love would wilt like the flower that is done blooming. I learned that it’s okay to break some rules and submit to your weaknesses — all of them.

Embrace them, explore them, but please don’t wait for them to become perfection. Part our experiences depend on the unknown — it is not about being ready it is about living life uncontained out of the eyes of should.

Put yourself out there, and let the judgment and criticism begin. Words are only words. If you are brave enough to show up, you can take a stand against the naysayers who are throwing down. They do nothing, and they are all in waiting.

They wait away their whole life.

Let them be the example of who not to be and chew on this one: those critical words have huge potential to teach us well, make or break us bad, but we get to choose.

Wait no more, jump in. Someone else is waiting for your brilliance.



wp-content-uploads-2015-05-debbielynnDebbie Lynn realized at a very young age that the outer reality was a far cry from her inner truth, and meeting her inner wisdom head on always turned into a challenge. The wonderment, curiosity and hypocrisy of life led to exploration and a cumulative documentation (art and journaling) of what she lovingly calls ‘the purge’. It is her way of ridding any negative energy from the daily grind. She says, “In essence, it is a way to start fresh and cleanse the soul.” Debbie has had numerous articles published in Elephant Journal, The Edge Magazine and Simple Steps Real Life Magazine. Her daily posts can be found on Facebook.



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