A Love Letter Of Gratitude To My Eyes.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius

In our current society, the emphasis placed on the outer, surface beauty doesn’t adequately honor the unique and irreplaceable essence we embody as a soul, which in the bigger picture is what truly matters.

Personally, I spent a large chunk of my life beating myself up for my body and the way I looked in general, due to body conditioning and thoughtless comments from others since childhood.

Those comments dug deep into my soul and started me on a journey of self-torment and body hate for all the ways in which I began to perceive my body as wrong, lacking, or unacceptable, based on others’ opinions, which in truth had only to do with their perception of me, as opposed to what was reality.

But on the other hand, it simultaneously created the opportunity for me to learn to love and accept myself, just as I am, which is an ongoing journey.

This was the luscious jewel in the crown of what had previously appeared to be a painful experience.

What follows is a letter of gratitude to my eyes. My intent is to create a love letter of gratitude to all my body parts which have been unloved.

I invite you to explore the same as a powerful gesture of self-love. After all, what is loved, blossoms.

You might think of any body part you dislike, perceive as ugly, undesirable, crooked, lumpy, scarred, or out of place. Then, think of all the ways that your faithful body part has served you in your life, and continues to support your living of a life full of rich experiences and adventures.

Or you could ask yourself, where would you be now, without your eyes? What would have life been like, had you lost them in a sudden accident?

Love Letter of Gratitude to my Eyes

Thank you, dear eyes, for allowing me to see in color all the exquisitely shaped forms of infinity, to visually enjoy the foamy ocean waves rolling over the soft grainy sand and lapping up against my naked skin, and to be able to view the tranquil sunrises and sunsets that immediately soothe my heart every time I am blessed to see one.

Oh how I love gazing

at the brilliant


which causes the night sky

to be that much


in sensual dance


with the bewitching moon

whose cycles

my wild

primal body magically flows

in rhythm with

the healing sun

that warms


and gives us

and all living organisms



I cannot imagine life without seeing the magnificent trees which calm me, and the majestic rolling and rugged mountains with all their richness of color. And how I love soaking in the sight of lush green grass!

I am blessed to see the millions of varieties of intricate flowers — big, small, and in between — all uniquely breathtaking in their own way, and each giving me their unique glimpse into Heaven’s doorway. Oh, orgasmic beauties!

Thank you, faithful eyes, that I am able to witness the intelligence of animals frolicking playfully and wholeheartedly in the present moment, and watch clouds form artistically in the sky, whisking my imagination away to faraway magical wonderlands.

I am incredibly grateful that I have the privilege and honor of witnessing my beautiful daughters evolve and explore their lives. I am able to play with them and watch them learn, delight in their smiles, laughter and all their forms of expression. I look into their eyes and experience the embodiment of purity and true unconditional love.

I cannot imagine suddenly losing my ability to see them.

Thank you, dear eyes, that I can independently make my way through this world without stumbling (except for the really clumsy days), and enjoy everything around me fully. I can enjoy plays, movies, read books, express myself through writing, and use the internet.

Oh, to be able to paint, create beautiful things, apply make-up, choose clothes that express who I am, and dress myself effortlessly.

Dear eyes, you honor me with the ability to see deeply into the eyes of fellow human beings, connecting with their unique irreplaceable essence through the enchanting doorways of their souls.

Because of you, I witness people smiling and laughing, expressing deep levels of love and compassion for each other, holding hands, falling in love, and kissing each other affectionately-madly-passionately with volcanic fire!

Oh. to playfully seduce a lover over hypnotic fires, watch the soothing rainfalls cleanse the earth, and enjoy the sights of explosive lightning that lights up the sky with tantalizing, electric color…

I look longingly into my lover’s eyes

before he plants that steamy kiss

on my aching supple lips

as I rest my eyes

on his gentle powerful


I squirm and let out a deep breath

as that warm space between my inner thighs

nearly catches fire at the sight

of his masculine erect


and the mysterious way his eyes peer

through those dark

captivating eyelashes

as he travels


My eyes pierce his

as he teasingly enters me

and I witness the starlight in his eyes

merge with mine

in deep ecstasy

as he explodes universally

as one



I am blessed with the pleasure

of seeing the way

he looks into me

with fierce deep love


and ever blazing

then being able to express

my heart expression

to him mutually

through my


There are so many things I take for granted each day, like you, dear eyes, and I often forget to stop and take the time to show my appreciation for you and shower you with gratitude.

Thank you, faithful, loyal eyes, for being there through thick and thin. For allowing rivers of tears to flow freely through you in grief or joy, and sticking with me unconditionally with visual support regardless of whether or not I let you know that I appreciate you.

And if something should happen and I lose sight of you one day, I am utterly grateful for all the magnificent adventures you have assisted me in experiencing. For without you, nothing would have been the same.

I promise to stop and thank you often and beam love and gratitude to you for all you have done for me, and for all that you will ever do. Thank you for existing, being my eyes and for guiding me through this amazing lifetime.

For being my perfect vision and partner on this adventure called life.

With Love and Gratitude,



JessicaJessica Eagle Whitefeather is a fairy in spirit, hippie at the core of her ultra-sensitive heart, and gypsy of the cosmos passing through earth, practicing soul expression through writing. She is a mother, Certified Advanced Pranic & Crystal Healer, and student of Professional Counseling. A lover of freedom and delving deep into the abyss of light and darkness combined, she is passionate about learning, walking barefoot in nature, and uncovering universal truths while learning to embrace all of the strange and wondrous experiences human life offers. She dreams of swimming with dolphins in the wild, and building an eco-friendly, holistic soul retreat, financially accessible by all, where sacred geometry structures are scattered throughout the lush land. A haven where women’s, men’s, and children’s sacred circles are held in the spirit of community, connection and brotherly/sisterly support. She currently enjoys life with 2 of her 3 beautiful daughters in Queensland, Australia. She’d love to connect with you on Facebook.


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