Finding Acceptance Is The Way To Freedom.



Everyone judges, everyone loves, everyone gossips, everyone takes, everyone gives, everyone’s selfish, everyone’s selfless, everyone lies, everyone’s honest, everyone tries, everyone fails, everyone falls, everyone rises, and everyone lives the best they can with the best they have.

Everyone’s trying to do the best they can without sacrificing themselves or others. We are all human; we all make mistakes on this path, and if we could, we would take them right back and rewind the past. This is not possible. It never has been possible and never will be possible.

In order to be free, we must accept our failures, accept our mistakes, accept our ups, our downs, and embrace all that we are and all that we were and most definitely all that we can be. This is the only way to move towards freedom.

Freedom from self-righteousness, from anger, from the should haves, the could haves or the hope tos. This is just torture. Torture of the soul and torturous to our lives.

What is the point of bashing ourselves for being human when everyone is human and everyone does the same exact thing? Not sort of the same or sometimes the same, but always the same. Just at different times and in different ways.

Why must we point the finger and try to lessen someone else’s value in order to increase our own? Why do fear and anger play such a huge role in sabotaging our relationships, our self-esteem and our freedom? Consciously or subconsciously we use fear and anger as a protector.

If we cloak ourselves in anger based from fear, the theory is we are sure to never be hurt again.

If I can feel superior and better than you and in turn make you feel bad, then I will surely never feel pain again.

Pain is inevitable! Covering yourself in fear and anger is just a distraction. A distraction from your true feelings, your true self, self-realization and ultimately, enlightenment. We are so afraid of facing what we fear will kill us that we actually decide to kill ourselves by living in this miserable, stuck and nauseatingly uncomfortable place.

This doesn’t make sense, but it is most definitely a characteristic of the human way. A human way we all share and, if we are truly honest with ourselves, can all relate to. The way in which at one point or another, or our whole lives, we decide to live. Blocking the light and blocking our spirits’ true nature. Our nature of joy, happiness, belonging and love.

“Today I shall judge nothing that occurs.” ~ A Course in Miracles

Try to embrace it! Try to see where we are all the same, instead of separating yourself from others. Try to slow down, step back, and see what’s actually happening instead of immediately judging what’s happening.

If that’s not possible, embrace the judgment, see the judgment and embrace it, then release it. Don’t hold on to it, don’t replay it, just see it and let it go.

Live in the flow, live in the now, and accept yourself for who you are exactly in this moment.

That alone is freedom.



BeckyBecky Hernandez (The Misfit Yogi) is a Los Angeles native, a spiritual believer, intuitive, meditator, certified yogi and life experience seeker. She is currently trying to embrace the path of most resistance. You could contact her via her blog, website or Instagram.


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