Learning the Art of Vaginal Steam Healing: An Ancient Tradition.




In a society where healthcare costs are skyrocketing to maintain chronic illness and conditions, perhaps it’s time to consider ancient wisdom and get back to our intuitive nature and focus on healing our bodies and minds, instead of searching and hoping for a man-made chemical cocktail to cure our every ailment.

As a natural-minded woman who works as a holistic health and healing arts practitioner, I have studied, experienced and witnessed many protocols and modalities outside of the status quo. When I was offered to experience a V-Steam or Yoni Steam, I did not hesitate.

I did some initial research and learned that Gwyneth Paltrow was telling everyone to go get a V-Steam, with some backlash.

When mainstream gets their panties in a bunch, I look a bit deeper.

Vaginal steaming is a generations-old tradition with roots in Central America, South America, Korea, Africa, and China.

For centuries, these cultures have used vaginal steaming as a ritual to maintain female reproductive health and to treat various conditions such as infertility, menstrual cramps, hormone imbalance, fibroids, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, miscarriage, scarred vaginal tissues, and womb trauma.

In addition to their physical wellness component, V-Steams are also a form of energy healing that can be utilized to treat energetic and spiritual imbalances by opening energy centers within the vagina and womb and clearing stagnant energy.

My journey of discovery introduced me to Jamila, a womb wellness counselor, full spectrum doula, social worker, and energy worker. Her passion is to support the healing and empowerment of women.

She has served in many roles as an educator, psychotherapist, case manager, birth-worker, rape crisis and domestic violence counselor, and advocate. The focus of her work has shifted simultaneously with her unfolding personal adventure of healing, heart-womb-centered living, and spiritual reawakening.

Womb activation and manifestation is the culmination of her personal and external work in the areas of women’s healing, wellness, and empowerment.

She believes that healing begins with the womb, and that physical healing must first occur on an energetic level.

Our womb has many fascinating aspects — anatomical, energetic, emotional, intelligent, mystical and sexual, and our vagina or yoni, the gateway. As a woman, spiritual butterfly and energy healer, I was up for the experience.

My intention was to support my own spiritual healing process on the energetic, emotional and physical levels. To clear out all past trauma and energies from an accidental laceration to my lower abdomen, rape, miscarriage, c-section, and past sexual experiences.

I have experienced many other modalities for healing that include Reiki, Yoga, qigong, shamanic journeys, massage and trigger point therapy.

I walked into the Eastern Holistic Arts Center located in Washington, DC. It is a beautiful space tucked away near the Thai Embassy in Georgetown. I was greeted by Jamila, and the adventure began. We talked about my intentions, my experience and what I could expect from this session.

The session began with a Reiki womb massage along with a guided meditation.

Through Reiki, an Japanese energy healing modality known as the laying of hands, a Reiki practitioner channels Life Force Energy to the womb to remove energetic blockages and cords, and to allow the free flow of energy within the womb.

Reiki promotes womb healing, and is used to restore vitality and balance to the womb, a woman’s center of power, creation and sensuality. When her womb is harmonized and open to receive Life Force energy, she can better access and utilize her power center to foster whole body healing and to achieve abundance in all areas of life.

The V-Steam is an exclusive, seated steam treatment. As you sit on the bench, the moist heat will open and enter the pores of your tissues, carrying the medicinal properties and plant oils into your vagina and uterus.

As the extremely absorbent vagina soaks up the steam, it will enter the bloodstream, providing direct healing to your reproductive system. Additionally, the mixture of steam and plant oils penetrates into the cervix and uterus to remove hard, accumulated menstrual fluids and toxins that have not properly been expunged by menstruation.

For 30 minutes, I sat in a meditative state, surrounded by candles, soft music and a towel, while the steam, herbs and awareness worked their magic. It felt like a re-birthing process as I focused on the flow of my breath and witnessing anything that came up for me to be revealed and letting go.

For me, it was a ritual, a ceremony, experiencing an ancient tradition to celebrate the woman I am and my journey, returning to the power of my womb, the power of creation.

To learn more about Jamila and her work, you could check out her website.


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