This Is For You, Gypsy Soul.



This is for the nomads whose hearts swell with joy every time a new adventure appears around the corner of life.

For the souls who have remembered — the souls who felt there is a mission in their lives and don’t tremble to take the steps their brave hearts dictate.

This is for the rainbow kids who have grown, and who walk the earth from the four directions with joyful hearts and clear eyes. I have seen many of you, met many of you, shared your quest and your enthusiasm.

I have seen your dirty feet dancing in the rain; your colorful talents create change and the immense love of your heart spills wherever you step. I have learned your songs and your dance, and you have learned mine.

We have woven together a magic net that extends beyond any border and any faith.

We had to learn by ourselves the other way because we felt there was something wrong with the way we were taught to be. Our enthusiasm and vitality fuel our life in chaotic rhythms, and our restless spirit finds staying too long in one place simply unnecessary.

Sometimes we just need to leave, breathe, fly, and feel the wind in our face when a train runs across the country, or a boat leaves shore. We need to be in silence with the earth, making distance, sharing goodbyes, and preparing with enthusiasm new hellos.

For us, roots have a different meaning and being grounded is a process of looking inside, not a matter of where we are.

We are the roots, and we are deeply rooted in Mama Earth around the globe.

For us, every stone in the path is a lesson to learn and a chance to grow. We walk to find them, and we wish to share them because we know that together is easier and more fun. We stop explaining ourselves when we realize everyone understands from their level of perception.

Now, we invest that time in experimentation.

We have learned that only by experiencing is it possible to feel the truth underlying everything, and we wish to experience. We wish to explore. We wish to grow and find our guide inside.

Every day a new discovery reminds us how beautiful this ever-changing world is. We can smell in the air the rhythms of nature and the ever-flowing pulse of life. Our entire being wishes to emulate this pulse.

We can perceive and intuit the changes, the movements of the deep roots that have sustained our world for millennia. We can sense that our Universe in Expansion is calling for movement and not for stagnation. And maybe our eagerness for constant transformation is an indicator of a tuned intuition.

Maybe we can never be contained because we aren’t meant to be, because we have a mission to fulfill that has no explanation by the old precepts.

We are the bees that pollinate flowers thousands of kilometers away from home. Maybe the world needs us to be just the way we are — free, untamable spirits, ready to fly. Because we know that by setting ourselves free, we set free others too.

Maybe our inconsistency is actually a gift that allows us to go through transformation. We have the ease to let go of the old and open our heart to the new, fearless of the unknown, aware of the ever-changing quality of our world.

We are the Phoenix; in a world that seems to be burning down, we have learned how to be reborn from the ashes.


wp-content-uploads-2015-06-laylaelkhadriArtist and journalist, Layla El Khadri has traveled the world, gathering and learning creative ways of living a conscious life and diving deep into the art of self-discovery. She has made it her mission to empower others to live to their fullest potential, to unleash the artist inside and own their lives back. You could contact her via her website.


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